Oh ladies……

Hi everyone :)

First off…this lady is one of my long time besties, Whitney! She celebrated her birthday yesterday :)

I was a forgetful friend. I spoke to her on gchat early Saturday morning and never even thought about her birthday! Terrible of me, I know. Of course, I know that every year November 7th is her birthday. However, on Saturdays, I don’t open my planner…I don’t sign on Facebook first thing… and well, yes I did use the excuse that I have the pregnant forgetful mind though she wasn’t having it, haha! (It’s bad folks!) Last night at like 8pm on the way to dinner, I thought oh my gosh, I talked to Whitney early and FORGOT to tell her Happy Birthday…so, of course that clearly means I didn’t put a card or gift in the mail. Ek! I have some catching up to do! Love ya, Whit!!

Onto some less important ladies……

Some ladies I NEVER thought I would cry over!! Yes you heard me, I’ll get there shortly. I think they are freaking hysterical! I’ve watched the Kardashians for a while now. However, I’ve not seen any of the season where Khloe and Courtney are in Miami. So, I am behind. I have seen all the hoopla in the news about Khloe getting married so when I saw the commercial about wedding special tonight, I had to watch! Actually, I FORGOT about it at first so I missed a little of the first half. Let me tell you all, you probably would have laughed at my sobbing over the proposal, speeches, etc. I could not keep it together. They showed previews for the upcoming season and I can’t with. They simply crack me up!

Did you all watch the Housewives of OC last week?

Two words – CRAZY & MEAN!! They astonish me really. They are brutal. I don’t know how they are actually still friends (the few that are) after watching the previous seasons and seeing one another bash and talk about each other. It is still addicting.

Last night I went to dinner with some ladies :) It was my first little ladies night since I got pregnant and I actually made it until about 11pm. We went to dinner and then dropped by a friend’s birthday party! It was a bit weird not to have a glass of wine at dinner or a cocktail at a party but it didn’t bother me at all. I didn’t even care that I simply look puffy and probably not pregnant! I’m debating went to start with the pics. I suppose people start “showing” at all different times. I do have an area that seems to be sticking straight out! People around me have pointed this out even, haha.

Did you all have a good weekend? Ours ways good! I’ll do more or a recap soon perhaps! My parents arrived today for a visit. Always nice to have them!! :)

More soon!!! Hope you all have a good Monday!

xoxo ~ Megan


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    We watch a lot of the same TV shows! I enjoyed the Kardashian wedding and might start tuning into their reality show more often! I enjoy them!

    The OC housewives are the meanest by far! Even the Atlanta ladies can get over their fights and be civil! t's kind of painful to watch the OC ladies, but I'm addicted anyway!

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    glad the weekend was good! and it looks like i'm going to have to start watching real housewives… i keep resisting, but my mom and holly are into it bigtime. and i say start with pictures now!!! :)

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    I haven't been by in a while and I have missed out on a lot. Congrats on being pregnant, I hope everything goes well for you, how exciting. Hope you enjoy the wedding eppy, I love watching weddings on TV because they are just amazing in regards to how much effort is put into them!

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    I used to watch the Kardashians, but I haven't in a while.

    Yes, I watched the premiere of the new season of "The Real Housewives of Orange County". I had to mute my TV right at the beginning b/c Vicki wouldn't stop shrieking after she fell out of the plane! I can only take so much of her, ha! And, Gretchen just gives me weird vibes…I kinda think she IS a gold digger, but I don't want her to be. 😛

    <3 Bon

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    I watched both of those shows this weekend and loved every single second of it. With no shame! I cried when Bruce gave a speech at the rehearsal dinner. I'm ridiculous, no? I hate all the women on the OC, yet I watch anyways. Oh well, gotta have a vice!

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    I was SO excited to watch the Kardashian wedding special last night!!! It was SO good! AND I can NOT believe they pulled off a wedding in that amount of time, oh my word!!!

    I love when Bruce, their step dad spoke . . . that was a tear jerker!!

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    They are vicious, yet I can't look away! It's amazing how tired you are at the beginning. I swear the first few months I was asleep before 9 every night!

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