I’ve been missing out…

While I was visiting for Thanksgiving, I came across Wisteria. If I had ever seen this catalog, I did not remember. I immediately fell in love! It has SUCH cute things! Do you all get Wisteria? If you don’t, I think you should!

(sorry, iphone quality picture)

These are some things I hope to own soon….

I can’t wait to get the Wisteria catalogs each month. I mean really, what is one more to the bunch? And no, this is not even all of them! haha. No, I don’t get a chance to read each of them every month. In fact, I’m quite behind and I have QUITE the stack to go through. I’ll consider posting a picture of the stack. Oh, it is some stack! Fortunately, I tear the pages out that I want to keep and the school across from our neighborhood has a magazine recycle bin :) I signed up for a free year of Martha’s magazine and I believe the Woman’s Day was free too. I figure why not..especially if they are free! I think my mom gave me the Better Home & Gardens & Real Simple subscriptions. All the others, I have signed up for! I think before blogging, I read magazines in my spare time!

I’m working around the house today. Still trying to get Christmas decorations up! Our new nephew and his family is coming for dinner tonight :)

I’ll be doing Thanksgiving recaps soon :) I also got a few fun things on Black Friday that I will post soon! No, I didn’t shop in the Dallas Metro…just some small shops outside the city :)

Hope you all are having a fab weekend!

xoxo ~ Megan


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    Wisteria used to have an outlet store on Luna between 635 and Beltline Rd in Dallas I think. Don't know if it is still there or not. I haven't been to it, but I do love their catalogue too!

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    I recently found out about wisteria too. They have some great things and I found some scarves from them that I want to order.

    I think I used to read a ton of mags before blogging too 😉

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    Same here!! My mag reading has sadly come to a halt. :(

    And no, those pics are just fine!!! I have several iPhone photos on my blog and love it!!! It's so practical and fast to do!!

    Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!!

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    I've never heard of Wisteria. I didn't even know you lived in the DFW metroplex, crazy! I'm the same way with magazines, my new collections is full of wedding magazines.

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    I haven't heard of Wisteria. I'll have to check out. I love a new magazine.

    Can't wait to hear about your Thanksgiving and see your Black Friday finds.

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    I did not know about Wisteria, but it looks like something I need to know about immediately, ha! They have some super cute stuff…and you're right, what's one more catalog to add to the delivery monthly!

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    i love magazines although i never ready them anymore. i have not heard of wisteria, i will have to look into it though! you picked out some cute stuff!!

    hope you had a great turkey day! :)

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    I've seen this magazine and it does have some great things in it!! Love those glasses!!!

    I love looking at magazines. One of my favorite things to do – it's just fun looking at pretty things and getting ideas!! =)

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    i've never heard of wisteria! i'll have to sign up to get the catalog! i have a rather intimidating stack of unread mags under my bed at the moment…ant truth be told, it's actually 2 stacks…yikes! 😉

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