Hi everyone!!!

Sorry I’ve been away from my computer! I’ve deeply been missing reading all of your blogs and I cannot WAIT to catch up! Hubs and I have been in Dallas having so much fun! We have been…

~ Spending time with family
~ Spending time with friends
~ Spending time with & meeting blog friends
~ Eating
~ Shopping
~ Eating


We are thankful for everything we have. We truly have the best family and friends possible and feel so lucky.

I’m thankful to have all of you bloggers in my life as well :)

Hubby and I are SO VERY thankful to be expecting a baby!

Until next time….

I look like this….
(I’m 11 weeks & 2 days! I know this isn’t the best picture as I’m having to lift my long plaid shirt.)

and I’ll be growing while I eat this!!!

I LOVE carrot cake!!!

I will be posting more soon!

I hope you all are having a HAPPY THANKSGIVING and counting your blessings :)

xoxo ~ Megan


  1. says

    you are the cutest thing EVER! love that little bump!!! and i love carrot cake too … i could eat a whole one all by myself … YUM! happy turkey day!!!

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