Another Slideshow of Beaux’s Arrival! A must see!

Hi all :) I told you I’d let you know when my mother-in-law (the photographer) posted her pics of Baby Beaux’s arrival! She created a slideshow with them! I think it’s probably a combination of the pics and the music but man-on-man…it is a tear jerker!!! I’d grab a kleenex :)

(click link)

Isn’t that precious?? I can’t wait to have one of these of Baby M :)

My MIL did comment on my slideshow (in the previous post) and say she thought my pics were terrific :) So, that made me feel good :) I was using my new camera!

Momma and baby went home yesterday and are doing good! I hung out and helped some yesterday afternoon. Here is a pic I snapped with my phone of Tatum holding Beaux…she is smitten!

Okay all, I better get going! Have a super duper FRIDAY!! I HEART FRIDAYS!

I’ll probably post this afternoon regarding our weekend plans! Talk to everyone soon :)

xoxo ~ Megan


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    Is it a requirement that you have to be GORGEOUS to be in your family?!? I mean seriously, ya'll are all just beautiful! Your sis-in-law looks amazing to have just had a little one! Sweet baby, makes me want another one!!

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    It absolutely IS a requirement to be beautiful in our family b/c I'm a photographer and I like it that way! Haha! that's why we were so thrilled when Brent brought Megan home to join us. Just one more beautiful girl in the group! Seriously, They are much more beautiful on the inside than on the outside and that's lasting beauty! I lOVE my girls!

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    My eyes totally welled up with tears! The pictures are so amazing and then when you listen to the words to the song…tear jerker for sure! Those are such precious moments and you'll have your own soon enough :) I am so excited!

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