Weekend Recap :) – a little late…

This past Friday night I had a nice relaxing spa night with some girlfriends :) From 5pm to 8pm, I enjoyed a delicious dinner, drinks, manicure and pedicure. Some of the other girls got facials and massages! We all had a blast. I very rarely get manicures and pedicures because I usually mess them up and I get mad that I spent the money and THEN mess it up! Yes, my nails did mess up. There were too many coats for it not to smudge. Lovely $75, haha. It was a good deal though. That did include food and drinks…and of course quality girl time :) It was my first time at this spa and it was awesome.

Jessica, Me, Jennifer & Morgan (sister in law) Morgan is pregnant with baby Beaux!
Jessica, Me, Morgan & Mandy (another sis-in-law..kinda :)
a more “relaxing” picture without the flash we decided, haha
When we arrived home, Brent was cuddled with these two cuties :) He loves his nieces..and they love him. I love it.

Saturday was spent watching football with friends! This is Lincoln! He is our friends, Blake & Jessica’s sweet baby!
Tatum is excited for Halloween! She had to have her pic with the scary witch!
She wanted me to have mine with the skull
After football, hubby and I went to his dad’s house so I could meet his aunt! I’ve never met her as she lives in California! She is very sweet and hopefully we can go visit her someday!

On Sunday, we were pretty lazy :)
We had our photo shoot done for our Christmas cards! We had a lot of fun! I cannot WAIT to see them! Hubby’s mom always does such a great job. Here is Elton on the way back from the shoot!

After the photo shoot, we went to Brent’s cousins house to spend time with them and Brent’s aunt. We then went to Judd & Kristen’s to watch MORE football. Well, Kristen and I didn’t watch…we ate pizza and played in her house :)

I’m glad today is Wednesday so the week is halfway over :) Time flies, but some weeks I just think about how I’m oh-so-ready for the weekend!

I can tell time is about to change soon! The days are definitely getting shorter and darker quicker. Do you all like it getting dark early or late?? Let me tell you I had my pajamas on by 5pm today. It was a rainy sluggish day and I just felt like poo.

Our THREE year anniversary is next week! Time really does fly!


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    That sounds like a great weekend! Every year around this time I talk about getting our Christmas card picture take and every year I end up throwing something together at the end of November.

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    Going to the spa is one of my FAVORITE things!! It's such a treat! I wish I did it more often.

    So is it 3 years of marriage? Mike and I just had the anniversary of when we met and went on our first date, which was 4 years ago. We will be married for 2 years in Dec. Time does fly!!

    Looks like you had a great weekend! Hope the rest of your week is great too! =)

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    That looks like such a wonderful way to spend an evening! I'd love to head off for a few hours with some of my girlfriends & get pampered.

    Can't wait to see your new pictures!

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    sounds like you had a great weekend! you were busy!
    a girls night at a spa sounds amazing!!
    congrats on the 3 years hun!!
    hope you are having a great week! i agree, it is flying by.
    i'm so not a fan of leaving home in the dark, it's only going to get worse when i leave and come home in the dark…BOO!

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    Wow – you had a great but busy weekend it sounds like! :o) Those are the fun ones – but they fly by way too fast for my liking! Congrats early on your 3 year anniversary – we celebrate our 12 year anniversary next week as well. What day is your anniversary on? Ours is the 29th! :o)

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