Things I love right now :)

Hi everyone :)

So, right now these are the things I LOVE!

In this post, I talked about how much I love Bigelow’s Mentha Lip. It is awesome. Well the other day I came across Bigelow’s LEMON lip balm. I love all things lemon :) It’s not super strong…more like lemon creme. It works great on my lips and smells so yummy!

I am on a HUGE grapefruit juice kick. It is SO good. I’ve never been a grapefruit juice person, but I am now. I remember my mom cutting me half of a grapefruit and putting sugar on it for my breakfast when I was little. I love it. Simply Grapefruit juice is my FAVORITE. It is 100% squeezed :)

I know that in this post I JUST talked about how giddy I was to buy such pretty inexpensive nail polishes. Well, then I came across Dior Red Dahlia. SO pretty. I know red is in the name but it really comes off more plum/purple like. I figured since I had been so good about buying cheap nail polishes, I deserved this one. To be exact, the LAST time I got an expensive one was last December when hubby and I were in NYC. I spotted a Dior one I loved on display at Sephora. They were sold out. Well, we went to EVERY Sephora in NYC. They were all sold out. I finally talked someone into giving me their display… Yes, they GAVE me the bottle :)

Well in the new Super Target located minutes (seconds) from my house, I came across Bolthouse Farms smoothies. I got the Strawberry Banana and on my goodness, it is DELISH! The great thing about these, is that each serving of smoothie has EIGHT servings of fruit. I am much more likely to drink one of these servings per day than I am to have 8 servings of fruit. It’s all natural and NO added sugars.

Right now I am LOVING my rain boots! You would NOT believe how much it has rained here in the past few weeks. This past weekend was the first nice few days we have had in a while. Today, the sky was also SUPER blue :) Anyways, I looked for months for some rain boots. I’m outdoors quite a bit for work and so when it rains, I just can’t wear any normal shoes. I love all the cute rain boots with fun patterns. However, most of them I figured would clash with my work attire. I found these Michael Kors’ and fell in love! Their retail cost is $120.00. I snagged them at Marshall’s for $49.99. I got the black pair. I love the wedge. It makes them feel less frumpy :)

I am loving ALL things fall of course :) Time is really flying by and I know that before we know it, winter will be there! I think the fall (so far) has been a lot cooler than usual. Some days it already feels like winter. The weather is REALLY making me so tired. By like 2pm everyday I feel like it needs to be my bed time. That can’t be good, I know.

What do you all love right now?

Hope you all had a good Monday!!!

xoxo ~ Megan


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    I am a big fan of the boathouse smoothies – perfect for breakfast! And the rain boots – so cute and such a necessity right now! It's raining like crazy up in Vancouver! Love your blog =)

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    Yum. The juice and smoothies look delish. I just tried the Simply Raspberry Lemonade and it was so, so good (though probably not as healthy as the grapefruit juice).

    I love that Dior polish. That is a gorgeous color. I may have to go check that one out myself.

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    Love that lip balm! When I worked at Bath and Body Works, we had that and people loved it…asked for it all the time. I might have to try that grapefruit juice, though I'm not a fan of grapefruit either. But maybe! Lovin' the rain boots.

    Right now, loving…
    -pumpkin ANYTHING (just carved one yesterday and roasted the seeds, so fun!)
    -my new gray boots
    -Gilmore Girls (can't get enough, it's a bit of an obsession)

    Woo hoo!

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    I have never seen the bigelow lemon in a balm – I have a gloss formulation in a tube and I love it! Best stuff ever!

    As for the nail polish – I'm seriously jealous… although with the Sephora friends and family deal happening now.. I might just have to buy.

    And your rain boots? I nearly died when I saw how adorable they were. When did you get them? I need them! And you got them for such a steal too!!

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    i want your rain boots, how cute!!
    the tj max stores around here never have much :(
    i haven't had the simply grapefruit but i have had the strawberry lemonade and the raspberry lemonade, very good stuff!

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    cute cute boots! I keep wanting to get some too! I just saw some cute ones at TJ Maxx the other day, but no luck in my size=) those smoothies sound yuummmy! they would be so good for me, I am so bad about getting all my fruits (and veggies)! I feed them to everybody else but don't eat enough myself=)! love the polish too!

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    How lucky are you to score that Dior polish??? I am loving pumpkin flavored ANYTHING right now and the silver Hunter wellies that QVC has right now at a crazy reasonable price. Why haven't I bought them yet?

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    I LOVE those boots – TOO CUTE! I'm going to have to go to Marshall's and see if I can find me some too! Thanks for sharing your favorites! :o)

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