Thank you :) and organizing…

Hi everyone! First of all, THANK YOU so much for the sweet anniversary wishes! You all are too kind! We had a great night and I will post pictures just as soon as I upload them! I so want to blog what hubby wrote in the card he gave me but he would probably blush. It was SO sweet. I cried, of course.

Happy Birthday to my brother!!! I love you :)

Yesterday after work I had a flat tire :( I drove my sister-in-law’s car home and just said screw it, we will deal with the tire tomorrow (today). I didn’t want hubby to have to be changing the tire on our anniversary slash I wanted the food I had been dreaming of for dinner! I didn’t even want to tell him about the flat when he came home with roses :) So this morning, he went and put my spare on…which was also flat! I got to sears and they ordered me a new tired and repaired mine to use until the new one is in! It stormed and POURED ALL day today!! I didn’t even wear nice clothes for work. I wore jeans, my rain boots & rain jacket. I had a yummy sushi lunch with on of my sister-in-laws, Mandy. It was delish! Hubby and I also had some sushi Tuesday night :)

Tonight, I went to a little jewelry party. My friend Kylie is a teacher and some of her coworkers sell jewelry! It was fun and I got a beautiful necklace! I’ll post it when it arrives :)

On to organizing…

You may or may not remember this post & this post. Basically there are several…well many things…that I’m always wanting to do to be more organized. Can you believe I fit two shelves into our coat closet? haha. Yes, you heard me right! In both of our guest bedrooms the closets had candles, candle holders & other little goodies. I really didn’t like this “stuff” in my guest rooms so I decided I would put a few hanging things in each closet and put shelves in the coat closet. Perfect, yes. For me it was a great idea! And when I say “I got these shelves into the closet”….no, I did not but hubby did. It was interesting. He thought I was crazy!

I have MANY more projects coming up! They may be boring to you but they may give you ideas, you never know :)

I’m excited for this weekend! I LOVE that Halloween is on the weekend this year again! We have some fun things in store and many pictures to come!

More soon!

xoxo ~ Megan


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    I need to do something to make better use of our downstairs coat closet. It is really deep, but only has one hangar. Got any suggestions?

    So glad you guys had a great Anniversary! Mr. Potts & my 1st is next Sunday!

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    I love all of your project ideas. Keep them coming. Glad you enjoyed your anniversary night. Have a great weekend. What is that precious doggie of yours going to be for halloween?

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