Meet my food blog….

I decided since I love all things food so much, that I would create a second blog! This blog will talk about just that…all things food! It will include, foods, drinks, snacks and much more. I will post things I cook along with their recipe. I’ll post any discounts to restaurants I come across along with some dinning out experiences. I could post something pertaining to food every day so I decided I should probably have a solid place to do that! I will still post some of the things on this blog. It will stay my primary blog “In this wonderful life..” :)

So, Sugar & Spice…Cooking in this wonderful life is up and running! You can click here to get there. Also, the URL is It will be listed on my profile and I’ll post it in my blog role in my right sidebar. It has right now as I have not bought the .com domain. I may do that in the future, we will see!


xoxo ! Megan


  1. says

    Oh how FUN!!! I am so excited! This is going to be too cute. Great idea. Oh, and I will e-mail you back in the next few days, I promise. :) Life has been NUTS and I'm so behind on -emails.

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    how fun! LOVE the name!!! i can't go there today though.. i'm on a water and saltine diet until i get on the scale at the doc tomorrow. ughhhh. ha!

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