Pumpkins have taken over! – {fall decor pt 1}

Hi everyone! Happy Monday :) I have decided fall is my favorite. Every year I’m so happy when it arrives. The weather is sunny and perfect. It is awesome. Between magazines and websites, I’ve come across lots of fun ideas involving pumpkins. Last fall, my mom painted me a silver pumpkin with black damask stencil. She did great. It was very pretty! This year, I decided I would paint some myself. I bought a bunch of pumpkins…most real..a few fake! Some of them I painted and some I did not. Here they are…

The before of this guy…(it is a real pumpkin)
The after :)
Before (fake pumpkin)
Before… this one is real! I bought it from Wal-Mart and it was only $.50!
Here they all are done :) I think they turned out great! They are on breakfast table. I already had the urns.

I forgot to take a picture of this one before. It is a fake carvable pumpkin that I bought from Hobby Lobby. I know the “M” isn’t perfect. It was my first time and I had no idea what I was doing. I used a steak knife! HA

Pumpkin on urn in entryway

lil minis on fireplace

pumpkin in guest bathroom

So, as you can tell, I love to seasonal decorate. I got it from my mother. She has always had seasonal goodies all around the house. I will post more of my fall decor very soon! Here are some pics of my decor last year.

I can’t wait to see bloggy world decor!

Did you all have a good weekend? Ours was nice and relaxing! We cooked, worked on the house and just hung out! This week, I’ll be posting more pics I took over the weekend! They will include a lot of YUMMY & TASTY things 😉

xoxo ~ Megan


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    I love that you posted this. I was just getting all my stuff together to decorate for Fall and was considering spray painting pumpkins! They turned out great!

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    love this idea of spray painting pumpkins! I'm definitely going to copy! How cute! That black with silver damask your mom did sounds really adorable too!! Oh and.. Fall is my FAVORITE time of year too! I love summer and being tan and wearing next to nothing while lounging around the pool.. but, after a while, it's SOOO nice to cool off a bit with crisp, cool (but not cold) air and to look at the beautiful fall colors!

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    Cute!! I love Fall too! I put up all of my stuff this weekend too. It's always so great to get out my decorations and switch all of my candles to fall scents…love it! Another fun pumpkin idea is to do glitter pumpkins. You just use a paintbrush and put some glue on the outside and sprinkle glitter on them. I've used silver, gold, a version of a pink color, etc…I put them on candle holders/pilars like you did and it adds fun to a normal pumpkin. Thanks for sharing!!

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    How fun! The pumpkins look great! Last year instead of carving pumpkins we painted pumpkins with my dear, sweet niece. She had a ton of fun & they were kind of cute. Not as cute as yours though!

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    Very cute. I love buying a bunch of minis and putting them in a wire basket on our table. We'll be gone the week of Halloween this year, so I'm trying not to go crazy with decor, but I love it!

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