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I love nail polish. A few weeks ago when I saw Kate Beckinsale on Conan I noticed how pretty her nails looked. They were very metallic looking. I couldn’t tell the exact color but it seemed somewhat dark..maybe even a hunter green. I went to the Chanel counter because I remember seeing a metallic bottle. It was gold and while the bottle was metallic, the color when put on my actual nail, did not appear metallic.

While in Wal-Mart the other day I browsed the nail polishes. I came across these two beauties!

This is a silver metallic. It’s shade is “Steel-her Heart”(907). This is it on my actual nail. It turned out very metallic which is what I was going for. I know it’s sloppy as I was just putting it on quickly once I got home. The flash takes away a bit of the color. I love it though!

I LOVE blue. It has always been my favorite color. I have been wearing “Light my Sapphire” by OPI for a few years. This Revlon one is “Midnight Affair” (791). I think it’s awesome! This is how it appears on my nail.

I am happy I found these! Might I add, I do think Revlon nail polish is less expensive than it use to be. I feel like it use to be around $5. These were $3.88 each. While I do love OPI and Essie, I typically only buy them when I have a 20% off coupon at Ulta or $3.50 off a $10 purchase. I will continue to do so, but I’ll also be browsing all the other brands out there.

Now, I have a question. do you all put anything on top of your polish to help prevent chipping? I’m certain I need something as I always seem to be chipping as I do laundry, was dishes, etc.

By the way, Kate Beckinsale has huge hands. They are bigger than Conan’s and he is one big guy! She is still beautiful.

I hope you all are having a beautiful Sunday! I’ve done a lot of fun “fall” stuff this weekend I’ll be posting soon!

Elton says thank you all for the sweet comments on his post :)

love & I love fall ~ Megan


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    Pretty! I can't wait to get some fun fall colors on my nails too=)!

    (I put a "top coat" on my fingernails if I ever do them, I have to keep them so short, I feel like I look goofy, so it's been forever=) so I have no fun facts or brands to share=))

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    I love dark nail polishes for fall and I've been looking for a dark hunter green…I think OPI has one out right now in their fall line. I love that silver one!

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    I love the blue! I always put a 60-second drying clear coat on top to prevent chipping and speed up the drying process. I like Rimmel's clear coat, super cheap at Target or Wal-Mart.

    Can't wait to see your fall decor!

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    I love those colors! I always have such trouble keeping the polish on my fingers though… I usually put on a clear top coat for extra protection!

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    Love those colors. I always get stuck in a rut with my polishes. I need to branch out and try some fun ones like this.

    And I am officially scared of Kate. I do not want to get in a game of peenuckle with her.

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    I love the blue! It's so fall!

    I usually put some sort of clear polish on top to make it shiner and stay longer and I'll usually add another layer every two-three days (usually by that point I've still ruined a good portion of my nails though!).

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    I just discovered dark nail polish. Usually I don't rock anything on my fingers simply because it chips within a day. I'm pretty hard on my nails. But with all these fun colors, how can a girl resist!!

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    Those are gorgeous! I'm always on the hunt for the perfect fall nail colors. I use a Sally Hansen no chip polish top coat that works pretty well and is cheap.

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    I love those colors! And I always put a clear coat on top, but my nails still chip. The color on my toenails will last 3 weeks without chipping, but my fingernails they chip in a few days. :(

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