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Hi everyone! Happy Thursday :) This week has gone somewhat fast! I feel like all we have done is watch fall TV. We do not mind at all :) A nice relaxing week.

Last week we dinned here….
where is this do you ask? It is here….
Yep, the River Spirit Casino. The food was good. There was some I liked and some I didn’t like. We went with hubby’s dad and his dad’s girlfriend. It was my first time and I thought the dinning room was fun. I’m not a big casino person. I simply don’t like to gamble because when I lose, I get so upset because it involves money. Though when I win, I do get REALLY excited. I just want to win every time I put any money in a machine. Not possible, right?

Do you all go to any casinos? There are several in my state. There is now a Hard Rock as well. I mostly appreciate the good people watching I am able to do when I go. I think of a casino like I do a fair. There are quite the variety of people.

I’m not sure if hubby took this to show the people who were gambling or just because. Here I am..
He wanted this because he was wearing his hogs shirt, go figure!

Last Thursday I met Jessica & Lucy for lunch here…

The Wild Fork is yummy! (Yes, my new habit is to snap a picture of the menu). I had a lentil salad. Lucy was 9 months old on this day. Time has flown by fast it seems. Before long, she will have a sister, Penny Lane!

She got a fun toy after lunch for her special 9th month :) Jess, I still have your bday present!

This past Sunday we went to the first annual Rock N’ Rib Festival sponsored by Rib Crib. It was a pretty small festival as it was the first year. I wish we had more festivals so it was nice to go and hang out. Me, hubby, Marcus & Mandy went. Marcus and hubby are family..long story. They are so fun though and we love hanging out with them :) We had BBQ, they had beer and I had yummy lemonade!

Mandy & Marcus
us :)
Yes, they were closing up shop when left!
When we were getting on the highway leaving the festival, this car was in front of us. LOVELY. I won’t make any comments on the person driving but I’m sure your mind can wander….

I’m going to tell you of all the shows were have been watching probably tomorrow. We didn’t watch any of Grey’s last season so it is on DVR tonight. I want to get caught up before we start again. Hubby seems to have no interest.

I am still loving the Dr.Oz Show. Such good info. And Oprah, she has had some awesome interviews lately. She had two days of Whitney Houston, the old MJ with her new commentary & Makenzie Phillips yesterday. Did you all see that? WOW.

Almost Housewives time, sick I know.

Any plans for the weekend? We have none! We were going to go to Fayetteville for Bikes, Blue & BBQ. It is a HUGE festival. We decided not to though. We may have a garage sale on Saturday. We have lots to get rid of! I have a few projects I’m going to work on that involve paint. No, I’m not painting the red secretary :) I have decided to keep it red as I’ve grown to love it!

In case you all were wondering, I’m not a fan of the “two week wait”…BOO. I think the FertilAid is doing good but possibly making me gain some lbs…double boo. It could just be that I’m eating too much!! Who knows. Nothing matters as long as the outcome is good. Prayers and optimism are my life.

Back to TV couch time with my favorite person & dog!

lovie ~ Megan


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    I read somewhere that being a certain weight for a particular height can help you conceive quicker…Might wanna look into it. I'll see if I can find the article again and I'll email it to you. It's about things you can do naturally to help your odds go up…Good luck girl!

    I love going to the casino! We are going to Vegas for Halloween and I'm dying because it can't get here soon enough! I'm painting this weekend as well…Not sure what colors though! I'm still searching! Any ideas, send 'em my way!

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    Ok, so I'm always amazed at how many pics your husband lets you take of him! My fiance despises taking pictures and is even more against taking photos by himself.

    I'll keep you guys in my prayers for a quick and healthy conception :)


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    i am not a casino person. there are a few in my area, i've only been to one and i just don't get into it at all. also, it's not smoke free so it smells horrible. i can't stand it!!

    sounds like your previous weekend was great!! you two are always having fun!
    i'm in love with fall tv! my fiance has hockey every single night so i have dates with my pup and our tv each night! hehe

    have a great weekend hun!
    thoughts and prayers are with you!!

    p.s. i love your posts :)

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    I love going to the Casino's!! I went to Vegas for my 21st birthday a year ago! We don't have any in Texas but I like going to Louisiana and Biloxi. Biloxi has a Hard Rock…I love it!

    Love that license plate!!

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    You're such a midtown girl living out south! haha! I love that about you!! (likely b/c I feel like I'll always be a midtown girl even if I buy a casa out toward you or in Owasso. The new homes are just so semi irresistible). I'm not a big casino person either…mostly b/c they're usually smoky, but I agree that they can be something different and fun sometimes! :)

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    omg … am i behind on something?!?!? when is the two week wait over???? are we expecting something? oh my gosh, i can't WAIT! thinking lots of good thoughts!!!

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