Going to work!

This morning I went to work with daddy :)

His office decided to have a doggie mascot. It won’t be the same dog all the time. Each Friday someone in the office will bring their dog. I started with week one. Mommy dropped me off about 11 this morning. She had me in my tie and ready to go. There aren’t that many people at dad’s office so it was nice getting to spend time with all of them.

Thanks for getting me out of the house, parents.

wet nose kisses ~ Elton


  1. says

    So I know all about Take Your Daughter to Work Day (I participated in it back in the day, actually!) but never Take Your Doggie to Work Day! Love it.

    Check out that TIE! What a looker.

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    i love that sweet boy of yours! he's so classy! i happen to have a couple of redneck dogs who wouldn't wear a tie if their lives depended on it! ha!

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