Thirty-Seven Years of Marriage :)

*Correction – Thank you guys for letting me know about the typo on MY birthday! haha I was TIRED :( I fixed it though! :)

My parents celebrated 37 years of marriage on Wednesday! That seems like a REALLY long time to me! I’m sure for them, time has past all too quickly :)

Here are a few pics (sorry if the quality isn’t great. yes, I took pics of pics)

My mom was even a bride when she was a little girl :)

My dad was in Vietnam and then went to college. This is where he and my mom met. Part of my dad’s fraternity initiation was to find the biggest bra possible. He came across my mom and asked her for her bra. I believe they were on campus. She took it off and gave it to him. He got her number in order to call her and return it. When he called her, he asked her on a date and they have been together since. Here they are at a sorority/fraternity dance in college….

Then, they decided to get married :) This is one of my mom’s bridal portraits I have framed in my house….

My parent’s got married in the town my mom grew up in at the Catholic Church. My dad had to get permission from the Pope to marry. Their reception was at my mom’s parent’s house. It was also the house she grew up in. All the pictures I have seen are beautiful! Aren’t they sweet…..

Here they are leaving for their honeymoon. They went to Puerto Vallerta, Mexico…

I’m really not sure if this picture was taken before or after marriage. (mom?). It is cute though. So, I thought I would post it :)

My parents tried to have a baby for a little less than 10 years. They were not having any luck. They decided they wanted to adopt. On October 29, 1982, a beautiful little boy was born into their world. They brought him home on January 4, 1983. Well guess what, a year to the day later, I arrived. I was born January 4, 1984. My parents got pregnant on their own and had me. God is good and blessed my parents with the two children they always wanted :)

And here we are….

This picture is not very recent of my parents. It is from the 90’s and they are at some sorority dance. I do have more recent pictures although neither one of them like taking pics.

I think I need to have Brent’s mom do a family photo shoot soon :)

So, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my parents! They are the BEST parents in the world :)

xoxo ~ Megan


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    Awwww!! Happy Anniversary to them! What an awesome post, Megan. :) Judging from what little I know about you from your blog, I can feel confident in saying they must be amazing people b/c you're an awesome person. :) Congrats to them-what an amazing accomplishment I definitely aspire to. :)

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    Happy Anniversary to them! My parents are married 32 years. I just can't even imagine how great it must be to be with someone for so long. It's amazing and such an accomplishment. :) Cute pictures!

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    yay for long marriages 😉 Loved the trip down memory lane and I didn't know you and your brother were adopted?! That's amazing to me bc you all look like you have the same genetics 😉

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    Happy Anniversary to your parents!! Mine are going to be married for 30 years next year, and it's so incredible to have parents these days that are still so happy and in love.

    They must be pretty amazing parents to have such a great daughter. :)

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    I LOVE how your parents met! What a great story.

    And isn't it funny how children come to be? When you don't think it'll happen, just like that – it does. So lovely. You and your brother are adorable!

    Happy Anniversary to your parents. :)

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