Fun Finds!

Hi all :) How was your Monday? I was SO tired today. I wanted to sleep in…and probably could have slept ALL day!

This morning, I had breakfast with Jessica & Lucy :) Jess had to get her car serviced so I picked them up once she dropped it off. We went to a local place called Savoy. I had never been there but they are known for their cinnamon rolls. Let me tell you, it was DELICIOUS. I’m sad I didn’t take a picture of it…or Lucy for that matter! She was sweet as usual. I stuffed my face and wanted to crash once I was finished. I paid for the carbs I consumed. That is what happens when I eat to much ALL weekend. I just continue to eat terrible! Tomorrow I will get back in the groove of things!

While on my lunch break today, I ran into TJ Maxx. I didn’t feel like eating nor driving home to rest (because then I wouldn’t have wanted to get up). I found a few great finds! I saw a girl carrying two purses. They were the same style, one tan and one pink. I noticed a yellow clearance tag on them. I thought they were so cute. I just knew they wouldn’t have any others..especially considering they were on sale. Well it was my LUCKY day..not only did they have the purse..they had it in both colors..even better, it was ONLY $7.00! Actually, one was marked $10 and one was $7. When I got to the counter, I told the girl, and she said she would do them each at $7 :)…my lucky day. Here are the purses… The brand is “LuLu”…which I believe is different from “Lulu Guinness”….I have both but the tags are different…so that is why I’m thinking they are different…anyways….

I also got this Essie nail polish! I had never seen an Essie at TJ Maxx. It was $3.99! I think at Ulta it is somewhere $7-10…so I got one :)
So, I got out of there for less than $20.00! Very unlike me but I need to save more money. They did have some cute plaid shirts but I didn’t feel like trying on anything since I was in work clothes. Perhaps I’ll go back by soon!

After hubby had been at work for an hour this morning, I received this text message…

And no, he is not actually serious. You must know him probably to “hear” the sarcasm in this..still really funny.

I know this is probably giving her more “press” or “attention” that she really deserves…but Heidi Montag is OFF her rocker! I try not to be too judgmental but this girl asks for it! I think she would proudly admit that so I don’t feel quite so bad. She will do whatever she can for attention. It’s sad really..but this video, there are just no words….

Hubby is watching Tropic Thunder. I don’t get it. There are a few funny parts. Last night, hubby and dad went to see the new movie with Brad Pitt…Inglourious Basterds. They said it was pretty good. There are a lot of movies out that I want to see.

I’m sad my parents are leaving tomorrow. Tonight, Morgan, Curtis and the girls came for dinner. I post on that tomorrow :) I made some yummie potatos!

xoxo ~ Megan.


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    Heidi seriously looks like an idiot.. she can't dance or sing so why would they want her to perform?! Haha anyways, my husband is obsessed with Tropic Thunder, hes seen it like 50 times. I think it's definitely a guy movie.

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    First: YOur purses are adorable! I wish we had a tj Maxx in my area

    Second: I had no idea about the Heide video and now I have a great laugh to enjoy all DAY!!! Is she really dancing in that video??

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    LOVE those purses! Sometimes I go to TJ Maxx and find a million great things and sometimes I go and find nothing! Glad to see you hit it on a good day!

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    Cute finds!! i need to check out my TJ maxx!!! Also, Heidi and Spencer are so ridiculous, they bother me so much! And whats up with that ugly outfit she's wearing? Its horrible!

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    I love TJMaxx! I always feel like a won something when I get a great deal lol.

    And the Heidi video…oh, you saw how I mentioned it! What was she thinking?! And I SO don't get Tropic Thunder either, but the guys I saw it with couldn't stop laughing the whole time. Must be a boy thing. :)

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    LOVE the deals you found! the purses are so cute! we didn't watch heidi either. i didn't think i could stand it. have a good wednesday!!!

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