Fab Finds! T and T

{What is T & T? Target & TJ Maxx :) }

*Real Quick ~ THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for the sweet comments on my previous post! We are so excited and appreciate you thinking about/praying for us!

Hi all :) How was your weekend? Ours was great! I will post on it later but right now I’m going to show you some fab finds I recently purchased!

On Friday, Lindsey inspired me to take a trip to Target! She saw some pretty clothes and I wanted to go check them out! I did indeed find some great things :) As I mentioned in the previous post below, I was instantly in a GREAT mood so I kinda splurged :/

Here they are….

I can justify these purchases, too! haha. How cute are these FLAT leopard shoes?! I really always try to wear flats to work unless I have a meeting or presentation. I walk so much that I really don’t want to hurt my feet (more than I already have). During winter, my typical outfit is black pants, a top and a cute jacket. Well, if the jacket is solid, I could wear these! I have about 15 solid color jackets so just think of ALL the use I will get from these beauties….
As I have mentioned before, Target has great work dresses. I bought these a few months ago. I got the one below on Friday. I think they have all been $25. They are look enough for work and very cute. I don’t know if you can see the detail it, but it has some ruffles around the bust.

Here is the ruffle shirt Lindsey spotted! They only had mediums left. It was a little big but still fit pretty cute! I do have pretty long hair, so I’ll probably pull it back so that you can see the pretty rosette! I got the cream/white one, too. You will see me wearing it in my next post. .I think they were $12-15 bucks. Yes, very similar to those at J.Crew that cost quite a bit more. I’m not saying J.Crew isn’t great, because I myself,love it, but I like finding cute deals (especially when I justify spending much on clothes very often).

I’ve been trying to only go in TJ Maxx once a month. However, I just went two weeks in a row! For good reason this time. I am doing some updates to our guest bedroom. I wanted cute bedding and I found some! However, I’m not posting that just yet :) I want to wait till I have it on the bed and show before and after. While in TJ Maxx, I found these things…

I have been trying to carry my own bags for groceries. The bags to the left I came across and thought they were cute and had my initial :). They are great and spill proof. They are the same material as the Whole Foods one I have. They were $2.99 for both. How cute is the table runner? It was on sale for $5. The big football platter I LOVE. It was only $10. It is heavy and porcelain. Hubby has people over for games and I thought it would be great for snacks. I will also use it for an upcoming baby shower! The bar of soap is Lotus – Stella Mare lemongrass. I LOVE the smell of lemongrass! I got all of this for $20!
When getting ready to exit TJ Maxx, this lamp caught my eye! Notice the red clearance tag :) It was only $20! I’m not sure if I have ever mentioned that I have a slight lamp obsession! I honestly could not think of any place I needed a lamp. However, it was cheap and so cute! The base is glass. I just have a vision of it somewhere with some pretty pink flowers close by!

So, I highly recommend checking out the clearance sections right now. Fall stuff is coming in and summer is going out! The only other thing I got was some bedding which you guys will see very soon! I’m trying to fix up our guest bedroom, so stay tuned!

Did you all do anything fun this weekend? Here is a little preview of ours :)

Have a good Monday!!

xoxo ~ Megan


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    Love the shoes! I adore cute patterned flats. I barely ever wear heels anymore! (now whenever I do wear heels, they KILL me – makes me wonder what the heck I was doing to my legs before without knowing it!)

  2. says

    I think that dress you posted about is the exact same one I posted about today!! I just drove 50 miles each way to get a size S because all they had at my store was XS. And now I think I'm keeping the XS.

    Unfortunately, the rosette t-shirts were sold out at both stores, so no luck there.

    Wish I'd had those awesome finds at TJ's, haven't had any good deals there lately. I suppose I'll find something soon, I'm sure!

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    I love good deals!! I also hit up some sales this weekend!! GUUUHREAT weekend for deals! :) Looks like your hubby is at Utica!! Hope you had an excellent weekend!

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    Cute stuff!!

    Getting caught up – I am so excited for you!!! I will for sure keep yall in my prayers!! I just know you are going to be a fabulous mom!!!!!

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