Want Dining Out Discounts?

Have you all discovered Restaurant.com? If you have not, you MUST check it out! Here is how it works… You type in your zip code. If there are any participating restaurants in your area, it will list them. It will also list the “gift certificates” they are offering. If there are no restaurants participating, you could even buy one for a close by town or vacation you are going on.

What is a “gift certificate” with restaurant.com? If you click on a $25.00 gift certificate. You will only BUY this certificate for $10.00. You must spend $35.00 to get the $25.00 off. So, you end up saving $15.00 on your meal. If you only spend $35.00 at dinner, then it is almost half off. These are options. Some restaurants participating offer all options and some only a few..

“Your Price” means how much you will buy it for at Restaurant.com..

$10 Gift Certificate | Your Price $4 (Certificate valid with minimum $20 food purchase)
$25 Gift Certificate | Your Price $10 (Certificate valid with minimum $35 food purchase)
$50 Gift Certificate | Your Price $20 (Certificate valid with minimum $100 food purchase)
$75 Gift Certificate | Your Price $30 (Certificate valid with minimum $150 food purchase)
$100 Gift Certificate| Your Price $40 (Certificate valid with minimum $200 food purchase)

You simply print the certificates off and take them when you go to dinner. Here are a few of mine..

I hope I am making since. Do you all get it? I am now going to tell you the BEST way to get the BEST deal.

I am a member of Borders Bookstore “Reward Perks Program”. I do not believe there was any charge to sign up with this. I signed up several years ago. It is really like every other rewards program but I think it is REALLY good. You can probably sign up for one even if your town doesn’t have a Borders Bookstore. They give you a card and a mini one for your key chain. Each week they mail you coupons for books or things in their store. Not only do you get discounts in store, they work with other companies to provide discounts. I have an online profile. I view other companies they work with. I select which companies I like or want to be notified of sales or discounts. They work with a lot of different companies..even Macy’s! They also work with Restaurant.com. So when they are running their “special” I get an email from Borders Reward Perks. I then click a link given and it takes me to Restaurants.com. The BEST part, it gives me 80% off the certificates listed above. Yes, you heard me, EIGHTY PERCENT.

So, the $25.00 off a $35.00 meal only cost me $2.00….YES, TWO DOLLARS! That means a $35.00 meal costs me only $12.00. On the $50.00 off a $100.00 meal costs me only FOUR DOLLARS. Therefore, spending $100.00 on a meal, only costs $54.00.

My last purchase, I got 9 certificates. Four of them were for one of our favorite restaurants :) I got the $25.00 certificates. That is $225.00 worth of certificates. My total purchase was only $18.00. Great deal, yes. The certificates exclude alcoholic beverages so you can take that into consideration as well. ALTHOUGH, one place (our fav) did include our cocktails. So, it probably depends on the day, the server, etc.

REALLY good deal. So, I highly recommend checking both of these programs out! I figure if we are going to spend money going out to eat, why not get discounts. My town is really pretty big. There are probably 20 restaurants participating. Some aren’t are favorite, but luckily, some are! :)

And because I love you all, here is a coupon for 20% off at Borders! :) It is an in-store only coupon.

To get 25% any one item online at Borders.com, you can enter this code SLA6475H.

I’m excited for Rachel Zoe tonight!! (I recorded last night since the fam was over!)

Hope you all are having a good day!! :)

xoxo ~ Megan


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    thanks for visiting me today, what a CUTE blog you have. i love restaurant.com. with all of the new orleans restaurants around me, i definitely need a discount! :)

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    I've never heard of restaurant.com, but I will def check it out!! And I love Borders Rewards, since it doesn't cost anything like Barnes and Nobles does.

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    I just found your blog and love it! I have never heard of the restaurant website and will definitely have to check that out.

    Thanks for passing that Border's coupon along. I will have to get some books on my wish list!

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    Great post! I always forget to check restaurant.com and I am a member of the Borders rewards program, I just usually don't even look at the emails because I thought they didn't have any really good deals.

    I know differently now and am going to pay much closer attention – I love eating out (and saving money)! Thanks!

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    I've heard of restaurant.com and I've thought about using it. I didn't know there was a minimum purchase, I'm so glad you told us. I've got to get some coupons from them soon! What a great way to try to places.

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    Thanks for the tips on Resteraunt.com! I am definitely going to check it out!!! I'm also a Borders Rewards member and it's great bc it's free to sign up and I get coupons ALL the time =)

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