Apparently I’m Random Quite Often

I can’t help it. I do lots of random posts and well, the title ends up having the word “random” in them!

How is everyone’s Wednesday going? This week has gone by rather fast! The weather has gotten a bit warmer but is supposed to cool back down. That could mean rain though. We will see!

As I have probably mentioned before, every time my mom comes for a visit she brings us LOTS of stuff. She cooks yummie stuff and brings it. She buys things at the store for us as well. She too, likes going to garage/estate sales. I just asked her about a bed tray she has. I really want it…or one like it. She said she was keeping it because it was old and antique but she was certain that she, I or one of her friends could find me one at an estate sale. My friends are often astonished at the boxes of things she sends via USPS or brings when she comes.

One of my mom’s friends is moving out of town and she was downsizing all of her home items! Things are two things my mom picked up for me!

How cute is this Boston coffee mug? We honestly don’t have many boston “things” around the house but I think this is cute. My parents probably love our dog (next to us) more than anyone. Elton has been wandering around looking for them since they left!
She also got my this punch bowl! I do not have a punch bowl…except for the Halloween one! So, now I have one and I’m certain I’ll make a yummie punch soon so that I can use it :)
She brought us lots more books and stuff stuff. Thank you, mom!

On Monday night, while the parents were helping my brother move, these little sweets and their parents came over. My parents thought they would be finished in time to see them, but they weren’t. They were sad to have missed them. My mom cooked a ham and I made a few other things for dinner while hubby cooked some steaks on the grill. (yes, they are making creations with grapes and toothpicks:)
Fresh mozzarella, basil and tomatoes with olive oil and balsamic
Red potatoes. I didn’t really go by a recipe with these. We don’t do potatoes much but we had company. This is when I first start making them..
I put olive oil, butter, parsley, garlic salt & pepper and browned them in the skillet for about 20 minutes or until soft. If the potatoes are big (which mine were), cut them into smaller pieces. (you like all that non-recipe lingo, don’t you? HA!) They were a success! Everyone loved them :) Finished product …..
Morgan brought over this and I had not had it before! Well, I have now and I really like it! The bottle caught her eye so she got a few. It is called VOGA and made in Italy. Here is the site.

A cute pic of hubby and Elton I took this week :)

Have you all seen previews for this…

I like Jennifer in movies. I think she is so cute. However, I think it seems like a strange roll for Aaron Eckhart considering his last roll he played a “bad guy” (in Batman). I still will be seeing this :)

Tonight, hubby and I are going to a surprise birthday dinner for a friend. We actually have a surprise birthday party for another friend, tomorrow night. I don’t think we can make that one. Yes though, that is THREE surprise parties within 6 days. CRAZY!

Hope you all had a great day!! :)

xoxo ~ Megan


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    Your mom is so sweet to bring/send you all that stuff, my mom does the same thing and I LOVE it! When I was in college just about every time I came home she would have a stash of stuff for me. I'm a little jealous about the punch bowl though, because I've been looking for a nice one for a while now.

    Your recipes today are two of my absolute favorite things to eat! We don't eat potatoes often, but when we do, they're usually like these, (but I cook them in the oven instead of the skillet), and I could eat tomatoes like that every day!

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    Here is a yummy punch recipe for your awesome new punch bowl! We're actually having it this weekend at a baby shower:)

    *One large container Welch's White Peach Grape Juice

    *One two liter of gingerale

    Mix, and enjoy!!

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    i agree, this week is flying by!! thats a good thing 😉

    love that your mom brings surprises! how sweet of her!

    all the food is making me starving!! it is almost 10 my time and my fiance is still not home, makes for a super late din din.

    i did see that movie preview….kinda seems like jen's real life, except she just hasn't had the luck of finding the next "one".

    hope you had a great day too little lady!!

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    I love Jennifer Anniston movies too. I saw the preview this past weekend when some girls from church went to see Julia&Julie. Have you saw that yet? It was really good.

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    Don't worry I do random posts too. Sometimes I just cant decide on a topic because I have a few in mind, so I just talk about a lil bit of everything! ha ha! Oh and I love VOGA! I bought some not too long ago in fact! I like the bottle too. It looks just like my favorite water, Voss!

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    Don't you love mom gifts? I just posted about a box my mom sent me. I love getting packages! I also love that punch bowl!

    Also, thank you for posting that potato recipe. Potatoes are so cheap here and I never know what to do with them!

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    Three surprise parties!?! Wow. How fun though.

    Elton is so adorable! You can't be a true BT owner until you have a mug! haha Your Mom is adorable sending you all those goodies.

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    Hi! I just stumbled on your blog from "Four Fat Chicks" and thought I would say hello. Love your family picture on your header! And I can't wait to see Love Happens either. It looks predictable but so cute. :)

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    ahh, I so love the boston cup. I think I'm swiftly becoming a crazy dog lady, since anytime someone sees anything "Boston" they give it to me. My house is covered!!

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