Vote for our dog, Elton!

A while back hubby entered Elton into a “Cutest Pet” photo contest. We are certain he is THE cutest dog, ever….or at least we think so :) He is a Boston Terrier and we are really obessed with him. I mean we can both probably cry thinking about the day when he won’t be around anymore. It is kind of sick really. Anyways, hubby got an email this morning asking if Elton’s picture could be published in a book of the cutest pictures AND letting us know that he is a semi-finalist. Click the link to vote for him! :)

Also, that is Elton in the above header picture. Incase you want some other pretty shots, here they are :)

I’m not sure exactly what Elton will win. Whatever it is though, he deserves it. He always has the best attitude and always wants to snuggle!

He is also a good model. You can surely tell that from last year’s Christmas Card :)

I hope everyona had a wonderful weekend! Ours was very relaxing and movie filled! We pretty much laid on the couch all weekend. The doctors told me to take it easy and chill. I did just that. It was also nice not spending any money. For the most part, I just cooked or thawed and prepared stuff my mom had cooked and frozen when she was here.

Brent and Elton – snuggling..

I also FINALLY hooked my iphone up to my computer and synced things! I put facebook, twitter & flixter on my phone. What other apps should I get? Speaking of twitter, follow me! I’m no good at it yet, but I’m working on it :) I put a button to the right of my page that will link you to me!

On Friday night, our sweet friends Jessica & Kyle came over.. with food :)They also brought their lil one, Lucy :) She is growing up so quickly and SO fun to play with! Her momma just started a fun blog for moms. My blog post tomorrow with include all the info and pictures :)

Hubby and I are headed to eat sushi for dinner. Then, taking Elton to get his nails clipped…he should get pampered too, right? Afterall, he is the semi-finalist!

xoxo ~ Megan


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    awww, congrats Elton!! He is SO cute in that Christmas photo you have, each of you holding him up like a little boy! love it. I'll so vote for him, there's nothing like a Boston! 😉 Not that I'm partial or anything…lol. And you can so see his little Boston personality in those pictures.

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    1) I voted for Elton (and told my co-worker to do the same!)
    2) Tagged you in something on my blog. I think you'll like it!

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    Ahhhhhhh! You and I are twins! We are the EXACT same way with Coco, our Boston. She is "the best," as we say. We love her to pieces. Aren't Bostons just SO much fun?

    Running to vote now!!!!

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    The photo shoot of y'all with Elton is so cute! Love the pic of y'all holding his hands. :)

    Yum… sushi sounds so good. I wanted some SO bad tonight but ended up at home with leftovers. Maybe tomorrow night.

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    OMG – how exciting! Your dog IS the cutest. I will vote for him!

    Sounds like a nice weekend taking it easy. Hope things are going well.


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    Yay Elton! He IS adorable, and you must be very proud parents that he is a semi-finalist! I love how he will lay down with his front paws crossed! One of mine does that sometimes and I call it her "lady pose" :)

    I LOVE the Christmas pictures! Where did you guys go to have those done? The one of you two holding him up like a little person is my fave :)

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    I voted! :) I love your christmas card. It's amazing!
    Yay for apps!!! You should download shazam–you just hold it up to whatever song is playing on the radio and it tells you the name and artist. I also really like the pandora app. But I don't have that many…I need to find some others.

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    those christmas cards are just the cutest cards ever!!
    he is stinking cute! the first pic is my fave! my pup loves to sleep like that 😉
    i hope he wins! i'm off to vote now!

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    OMG that card is the cutest thing I've ever seen!!!
    Second Kylie Mae won that contest when she was a baby!!! OMG how crazy is that!! of course she had a tail then, good grief!
    Congrats to Elton, only the best pups can hold that honor of course 😉

    I'm glad to be back… OH and btw you were so apologetic in YOUR email to me about taking so long to respond… I found MY response back to you in my drafts folder.
    sigh… girl we will get there eventually. haha
    I will finish my email to you and I'll email ya back ASAP! :)

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