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Hi friends :) Hope you all are having a good week!

I wanted to share with you Lucy & Jessica today! Jessica is one of my very good friends and she has an adorable lil' baby, Lucy! She is also expecting :) Recently, Jessica started a blog. It will revolve around all things baby, mommy, healthy, fun, pretty & pictures! She is wonderful and finding and trying out new things that will be helpful to all of her readers. I recently bought some all natural tortilla chips she blogged about. They are SO AMAZINGLY delicious! Jessica is also quite creative. She is an artist! She painted the beautiful mural on Lucy's wall as seen in the pictures below :)

The first two pics I borrowed from Jessica's blog. They were more than likely taken by her mother! My mother in law and her mom work together as photographers. I LOVE these pics!

Jess & Lucy!

Of course I had to throw one in there of me with Lucy :)
This was Lucy this past Friday night.

So, you all should definitely check out Jessica's blog! :) I think you will be pleased with what you find!

Are you all excited tonight for Tori & Dean?? I AM!

Happy Tuesday ~ Megan


  1. can i just say that i love her room?!?! right up my alley! did your friend paint that?

  2. These pics are adorable. Lucy's a doll.

  3. Lucy is a doll baby! I want one, haha! :)

  4. AW! Megan, thank you so much for this post!! I really appreciate it. You are tooooo sweet!! XXOO

  5. What a sweet, happy baby! I'll have to check out her blog ;)

  6. she is SO adorable!!
    you know, i'm partial to the name too! :)
    hoping our little "luci" will be deciding to join us soon....

  7. I didn't watch tori and dean! I always catch the reruns!

    Jess and Lucy are so precious!

  8. aw, she is the cutest little girl :)
    i love her bedroom, how adorable!
    ah, i missed tori and dean! i'm thankful for reruns ;)

  9. Oh my gosh she is adorable, I love the pictures!

  10. Lucky is too cute. I also love her room. I might have to start following her too.

    Thanks for the prayers. You are still on my prayer list.

  11. What a sweet, sweet baby girl. I love the wall decor using her name. So cute!

  12. I wish I got the channel that T&D are on! Beautiful little girl!

  13. lucy is so presh! looks just like kyle... anxious to find out what baby #2 will be?!

  14. what a cutie!! love the pics

    ps. did you get your bin? I lost the tracking number, but its ups

  15. This little Lucy just makes me laugh. She looks like SUCH a happy baby!

    And I love the painting on the wall. Nice work, Jess!

  16. Cute pictures. Your friend sounds so creative. I will def go check out her blog. I love that wall decal (or did she paint it?). Awesome!


  17. LOVE the first two photos. What a pretty baby and mama!

  18. These pictures are great :-) she's adorable - and her room is seriously to die for! I love it!


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