We Changed Our Mind…..& a Baby Shower

So we decided not to sell our house! It just doesn’t feel right. Not yet anyways. After looking at houses last weekend to get an idea of what we want, we just don’t want to leave this house yet. We have done a lot of updates and really, it fits us and up to one kid..perfectly. We are going to refinance so that we will be saving money on the payment each month. I was just lying awake at night thinking about selling it. I was also thinking about the fact that its summer, having to move out, maybe live with in-laws AND trying to have a baby! Not a great combo. I think the stress factor would be overwhelming. I prayed for a sign and I think the good doctor appointment Monday is one. As soon as I said something to hubby he said he was thinking the SAME thing. So, we’re excited…to be staying in our home! We can finish a few things around here that need to be done…hanging the TV above the mantle, replacing or fixing the tile, pretty landscaping, redoing the back porch, hanging more pictures, cleaning out/up the spare room and maybe some new lighting in the kitchen :)

On Monday night, hubby and I went to a baby shower. Our friend’s Andra & Roy are expecting their first baby in the next few weeks. It was unbearably hot (so excuse the sweat glow in the pictures!) but still such a fun shower with friends! Here are a few pics..

Andra & Myself

The YUMMIE cake & cake balls. SO good! The cake says “Welcome Baby Walker”
Me with hubby
Jessica & Myself; Me..She is also expecting a baby boy, Lincoln, in just a few weeks!
Baby Walker’s gifts

Speaking of babies, my BF Katie is going to have Miss Molly at ANY time! I’m so excited! Luckily, I live quite close so when I get a call, I’m heading their way!! :)

happy hump day!!

xoxo ~ Megan


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    Deciding to move/sell is such a big decision. I'm glad you guys made the one that makes the most sense to you.

    You & your husband are a beautiful couple!

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    Don't you just love when you and your hubby are on the same page and you just know its a God thing. Sounds like you made a good decision!

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    Sounds like your happy and at peace with the decision about your house. That's such a great feeling!

    Love the baby shower pictures! That Sangria is making me want to drink at noon!

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    Staying in the house – nice! Especially since living with the in-laws and trying to have a baby MIGHT be a bit awkward, haha!

    Cute pics – love your dress!

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    That baby shower is adorable…I'm getting ideas for when sissy has her baby! Yeah! I love your black halter dress-where did you get it?

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    We were just looking at houses too and decided the same thing!! I guess we are more sentimental than we think! We just decided to update the backyard instead… we got a new fence and we are getting a stained concrete patio and pergola built, and a new grill too. I think we are falling in love all over again! Hope you all are enjoying it, too!! Have a great week!

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    That's exciting that you live close to your friend so when she has it you can go over! I'm glad you guys have made a decision about the house situation.

    I'm surprised that chocolate didn't melt in the heat!

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    i love fit for her.. i workout at the one on brookside.. well right now I cant but I will after baby:) And yay for a great dr apt… also, you always go to the best showers and parties and u always look rocking! letss hang out soon

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    so i had a dream last night. it was about a baby shower … for YOU!!!! it MUST be a sign. mini-marshall will be coming soon. i can feel it in my bones. and p.s. … i'm totally inviting myself (and holly!) to the real baby shower. :) glad y'all are keeping the house. stress is no fun.

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    cake? balls?

    ok that's sounds too fabulous to be true!!

    glad you and your hubby are happy with the decision cause in the end that's allll that matters!

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    sounds like you made the right decision on your house!! I can't wait to hear and see what all you do! Pics are great and that cake and cake balls are cute!!

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    i'm glad you all came to a decision… didn't seem too hard… plus i want to see what all yall will do to this house! and a baby in it! love you!

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    I have got to make some cake balls! They look so yummy! I would imagine selling a house is pretty stressful. I'm sure you all are making the right decision at this point in your lives.

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    I am so glad you and your husband were on the same page about the house decision. The shower looks like it was fun. Your make up always looks so pretty!

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    I'm glad you made a decision about your move.. Trying to move if you were pregnant would have sucked!!! And look at your friend's cute little bellies! I feel bad for them having to be pregnant in this summer heat.. Better women than me!!

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    I agree… too much stress with everything else you have going on! You dont want to live with the in laws while trying to have a baby!!! :)
    I used to take those BC pills. I think they are called Femcon or something like that. I thought it was weird that they were chewable too!
    Good luck with everything. I will pray that it all goes well!

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