Target is bad for me

Why? (you may wonder)..because there is one going in less than a mile away!!! Why is this bad? When I go there, I tend to shop, a lot!

For instance…..

I bought one of the dresses right before I hurt my hand. They are sheer, comfy and long enough to wear for work! Once I hurt my finger, I couldn’t wear pants because I couldn’t pull them up easily nor button them. Therefore, I had to wear dresses. I didn’t really feel as though most of my dresses were work friendly. I’m outside a lot; I’m in and out of my car and I’m around a lot of people on occasion. I liked the dress so much, I got it in another color. Then, I went back a few days after and they were on sale. So now, I have the three below. The coral color and black with white dots, are the same. The solid black one has ruffles on it. They all have a little slip under it and then the dress is sheer.

This blue dress is also work appropriate and cute!

I know this may appear to be a tunic…but, I can actually wear it as a dress. Yes, I’m short :) It’s silk and so cute! I can wear it with flip flops, heels, or jeans! (but no, I probably won’t wear it for & outside a lot = no good).
So this may seem like a lot….but, they were much needed! (for work of course) The prices, are great, too! I got all of these for about $100. There are tons of dresses that cost more than that for just one! I wouldn’t know anything about that 😉

hope you all are having a good weekend!!

xoxo ~ Megan


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    ok. when i lived in the midwest, I was convinced the best target's in the world were out there. i am reminded why now.. we don't have any of these dresses at our store!! not cool southern target, not cool!

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    Oh my – I have the same problem! I seriously am addicted to that store! Every time I go there, I end up spending over a hundred dollars. Ack! I think my husband is going to put me on Target restriction soon.

    Those are really cute dresses. I was in there last week and found the cutest dresses in the clearance rack. I was shopping and a girl was right next to me wearing it with the cutest belt. So I bought two – $12 and then went over and found the same belt she had on too. It was so cute!


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    You are not alone in this problem. I have such a hard time with shopping at Target, because I always end up buying $50 more than I had originally intended to spend. I often go in to buy something like shampoo and I leave with new clothes, new shoes, and stationary. It is one of my biggest weaknesses!

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    Love these dresses. I'll have to stop by a Target this week! It's so hard to walk out of Target without spending more than you planned on.

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    Oh my gosh, I love Target! (AND miss it on a daily basis) I can't wait to visit the states so that I can spend all of my money at Target!

    You found some great stuff! Hope you had a great weekend 😉

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