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Why have I not been blogging? BUSY! So….

I think we are going to sale our house! That is our current decision anyway… It could change. My current biggest problem? Looking for another house. Why is that a problem? We have not even put ours for sale! We are thinking we will probably put it up around the first of July. If it sales quickly, then maybe we will have found a house we like already :) If not, we will stay in husband’s parents house until we find something! Why are we doing this? We have a high rate because we bought two years ago. We were first time buyers. Needless to say, if we refinanced our house we could probably get TWO percent points lower! However, our lender told us don’t refinance unless you plan to stay in the house another TWO years. Well, we aren’t certain we want to do that. Well like our house but are kind of think of this as an opportunity so why not? We have been talking to a mortgage lender friend of ours that is giving us advice as well. Another thing we might be crazy for?

We are going to try to sale our house ourselves! For a while anyways…. there never seems to be any houses for sale in our neighborhood and if there are, they sale quick (knock on wood).. so, wish us luck!!

Monday night, hubby and I cooked, drank wine & watched The Bachelorette, the season premiere of True Blood & Saturday nights episode of Harper’s Island. Some relaxation :)

Tuesday…well Tuesday is the day I found out mortgage went up $200 bucks! This was because taxes and our mortgage company creating a savings escrow account. No, thank you. So, I got $40 of the $200 taken off. Then we had a talk about maybe selling. For dinner Tuesday night, we went to hubby’s parent’s to eat and talk our house decisions. His mom has experience in the real estate industry. We had yummie enchiladas too :)

Wednesday night, we went to eat dinner at a local place called Leon’s. We went with Brent’s dad and his girlfriend. Leon’s has a special on their pizzas on Wednesday night. They were wonderful! I should have taken a picture of my margarita pizza. It was great!

Today, I got to see this pretty girl! She was being such a ham and wanting her picture taken. She says “picture ” “lemme see, lemme see”…she loves to look at it over and over again.

us :)

 Tonight, I will be watching the two shows below….and drinking some wine :) Hubby is going to watch the second part of Lonsome Dove with his stepdad (they started it the other night). Anyways, the finale of the RHNJ was something! I did NOT think it was okay that they left the younger kids stay in the room..especially when Teresa had her break down! Does anyone know if Dina is married? I’m confused on that. Tonight, they are recapping the finale table scene. Next week, the TWO after the season shows should be great!

Do you all watch this?? I LIKE IT! I like Hadley the best I Think!

I just realized I never did an weekend recap from last weekend.. I snapped a few pics and went to a fundraising event. So, I’ll post that soon. I’ll also be posting the night IT happened…breaking my finger/hand that is! Thank you all for asking and sweet comments. It is doing much better! It still is still crooked..and taped. With all that said, it is still SO much better than it was! I was so very miserable that first week. I go for my next appointment with the hand specialist at the first of next week so I’ll update on that.

I also go to the fertility doctor on Monday! That means hopefully this menopause is coming to an end. I believe birth control will start (ugh). Hubby and I go visit with the doc Monday morning and I’ll also be having a pelvic exam. Hopefully that all goes well!

Tomorrow is Friday! YAY! I love Fridays! Hope you all are having a great week!

loves & hugs ~ Megan


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    Wow you have lots going on! Ultimately it's your decision whether or not to sell your house, now is the time to buy I hear! Good luck with all of that! And good luck at the doctor too :)

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    Good luck on all the house stuff! What area are you looking in to buy?? I can't wait for the RHNJ after the season show next week. I am such a sucker for those shows! :-)

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    RHNJ is definitely my guilty pleasure. I can't wait for the last episodes where all of the housewives come together to recap the season! I haven't seen the Southern Belles show, but I just DVR'd an episode so I'll have to check that out soon! Good luck with your house hunting!

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    Good luck with selling your house hon.. We've been thinking about it, but the market is terrible in Savannah right now. =(

    And fingers crossed on Monday! It's time for you to get your go ahead for those spring babies!!

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    so i'm going to search and dvr all the rhnj episodes this weekend so i can catch up before the reunion… i heard all about it on the radio so now i HAVE to see it…

    taylor looks so angelic in that pic of the 2 of you… she's going to be gorgeous! but we already knew that right!

    how's morgan doing?

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    i wish your house was in texarkana. we would SO SO SO buy it! we made an offer on one yesterday (and offered the list price!) and the seller didn't take it. she wanted to UP the list price because she would be required to come up with some of the closing costs. ummm, nothanks! glad to hear the hand is getting a little better! and the food talk is making me STARVE!!!!

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    Oh, The Bachelorette and True Blood. My two favorites, though True Blood is my OBSESSION. Were you as uncomfortable as I was at the end of True Blood this past Sunday?!

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    Lots of luck on selling the house!!! ohhh my good vibes are gonna be sent to you two!!

    it's a tough market. my mother in law has been trying to sell her house in chicago for a year now… and Sam and I have talked about selling the house in Texas (luckily its a military area so there are always Officers willing to buy…) BUT i think we may just wind up keeping it until he's out of the Army.

    Same reasons. It's just to hard to sell and then be forced to buy something right away! I think it's smart for you to go back to his parent's house for a bit. You need to do what's best for your situation.

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    I always have to have wine when I watch The Real Housewives-especially the Jersey ones! :) And I'm just now getting a chance to scroll through your blog-so sorry to hear about your fertility issues! That was my biggest fear when we started the whole "we're trying to get pregnant" thing. My heart goes out to you but it sounds like you've gotten some great news lately so I can't wait to see what's in store for you! :)

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