No Surgery! ! :) & Cabo day 5

so yesterday, i finally went to the doctor! he said the break had started healing nicely! he said putting pins in would really be over-doing it. the finger was not out of place so it doesn’t need to be reset either :) all of this was music to my (and my mom’s) ears! he said it would take 6-8 weeks to heal and feel better. however, in 30 years i would probably get arthritis..but there is nothing to prevent that. i also have to keep it taped to my middle finger in two places for at least 6 weeks (buddy taped they call is). which is okay… as long as i can keep the cast off! he said that would work as long as i refrain from using it. of course as soon as i leave im praising the Lord and thinking i can go on about my way…not so much. i can use my thumb and pointer but my ring and middle finger do NOT bend comfortably..just yet..but soon! YAAAAY!!! NO MORE RED ROVER!! :)

i snapped some pics in the doc office

buddy taped this afternoon at home

here are a few pics from the 5th day we were in cabo. it was a thursday. we hung at the beach, ate at the house then, hung out at buddha bar.

rebecca and i on our photo shoot by the water. my camera only got splashed with a few sprinkles of water :/
i like this pic of hubby
becca & jen
the birds loved us

us before going out :) the dress was purchased in cabo at a store in the mall
us girls – kristen, jen, me, rebecca & tallee
liked the light fixture above our table at buddha :)
tallee, jen, becca & steve
i need some bronzer on my face

rebecca and johnathan (our waiter) dancing

all of us!

i talked to jen last night. she is in cabo and called to let me hear our theme song for the week. one of the bands was playing it at dinner. oh memories! i miss the beach!!

i hope you all are having a good week! can’t believe it is already wednesday! last night, kristen, her mom & cameron came over for dinner. mom and i made pasta with a white shrimp/basil sauce, her AMAZING CRAB CAKES & a few other yummie things :) yes, I will do some mom recipe posting soon! i should have taken pics last night! ahhh. today, hubby’s mom came over for lunch. we had some leftovers :) tonight, turkey chili! delish!

xoxo ~ megan


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    I'm so glad you don't need surgery. Oh goodness, your poor hand. I hope it feels better soon. Who knew Red Rover could be so dangerous?

  2. says

    Such great news (about your finger)!!!

    Love the cabo pics. Jealous of your tan. If I had that I wouldn't have to get those ridiculous spray tans just to look like a normal person. :)

  3. says

    Thank goodness no surgery! and great news that it's healing well!

    I broke my pinkie when I was young and I now have problems with my hand when bad weather rolls in! I guess it's arthritis, but I definitely know when it's going to rain, my trusty weather instrument (my arm/hand) never fails! Hopefully it will be several years before it ever affects you!

    Again, your pictures are great!

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    yay for no surgery.. hard to believe from looking at those first pictures though! but very good nonetheless!

    if i hurt myself, will pam come stay with me?!?!

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    I need to catch up on blogs, I am so behind, I need to find out what happened to your hand!! Yay for no surgery!! I am so jealous of your time in Cabo!! Looks like a blast!! I need a vacation!!! Love all the pics!

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    YAY! SO glad to hear you dont need surgery!! And I'm loving getting caught up on your Cabo pics! So fun! The one of the girls with the band (?) a couple posts down is hilarious! hahaha!

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    HOT LADIES!! Gorgeous pictures!! So glad you don't have to have surgery!! I was cringing just looking at the pictures…I think my hand is actually starting to hurt just thinking about it!! LOL!!

    Hope you're having a great weekend pretty lady!

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