Like a 12 Hour Movie

So, have you all seen True Blood on HBO? Well last season (it’s first season), husband watched it. I saw bits and pieces of some episodes. I didn’t see it from episode one so I usually ended up looking at magazines or getting on the computer. Well, I’ve heard a few other bloggers say how much they liked it. So, I thought I’d give it a try. After all, I really do like Twilight, so why not give these vampire’s a shot? Yesterday, for TWLEVE hours, yes you heard me 12 hours, husband & I watched season one of True Blood. I liked watching them all back-to-back because because when a cliffhanger happened at the end of one, we could just start another one! So instead of 12 episodes..just one very very long movie, haha. Thank goodness for OnDemand :)

Have you all scene it? What do you think? It it is most definitely a bit graphic for me…so I do turn my head or cover my eyes at least once an episode but overall, I really like it! Some of it really does remind me of Twilight.

I hope you all had a great weekend! Ours was very relaxing :) I’ll do a little recap later today!

Have a good Monday :)

~ Megan

*****The tie dyed roses came from Food Pyramid (which use to be Albertson’s here). They have a pretty large size florist center. I came across the roses right as I walked in the door and thought they were great!


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    hmmmmm…. looks like i'm going to have to give in and read twilight. i really thought i could resist. how's the hand?????

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    hmmm I have been wondering if True blood was good or not… think I might have to watch it.. I have plenty of time..
    And I love all the flower pics… I have lots of gerber daisys at my house.. i love having fresh flowers around!
    yay for not surgury

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    I have heard really great things about this show – but I watch so much TV already.

    Watching shows on on demand or DVD is the best way to go. So nice being able to watch them back to back. I did that with Dexter, Weeds, Big Love, and Californication. 😉

    (see? lots of TV).

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    I watched the director's re-cap of season one last night on HBO and then I have the season 2 premier tivo'd right now! All these vampire shows are coming out right now-it's like everyone wants to be like Twilight right? Did these books come out first or Stephenie Meyer's I wonder? Hmmmmm….

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    Agh! That's so funny b/c I really want to watch it and almost bought season one to watch on the plane to vacation but then didnt want to deal w my laptop! You might have just convinced me since I was already teetering on the edge of watching it!

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    Haven't seen it yet but you know i love my vampires in Twilight!!

    is it as graphic as Nip/Tuck?? if so i may have to pass….

    thanks for the super sweet comment before!! :)

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    Somehow managed to come across your blog and love it! And LOVE True Blood. It's my favorite show on TV right now, and the premiere last night was INTENSE!!

    -A (

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    I am getting these on NetFlix trying to catch up on what's going on and then I'll start the 2nd season.. I definitely blushed a bit and the language is a little harsh. But I'm giving the vampires a shot! Did you watch the new one last nite?

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    I absolutely LOVE True Blood and so does my husband! Sadly we can't watch the new episodes, because they don't have HBO in Germany! ARGH!!! I've been dying to see the season premiere, but have yet to find it!

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    true blood is the shiz! Erik and I did a marathon after the 1st season was ending! I think ours spanned over 3-4 days though! We have been known to spend entire days on the couch watching law and order or entourage or big love! yay for marathons! the kind that don't involve any physical activitiy :)

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    i started reading the books and then we got into the show when season one was over…so we watched them all on demand before season 2 started.

    i like the books much better but it is still entertaining!

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    Isn't On Demand just the best thing ever!?! I am a border line True Blood addict. Who am I kidding…I am so over the line into addiction, it's not even funny!

    Glad you got the guy to watch it with you…I had to view it solo.

    I know what you mean about being graphic. I hate when it shows them licking blood off of people. Yuck!!

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