Molly’s Arrival!!

So my bestie, Katie, had her baby today!!!!! It was a great day!

Molly Jane is absolutely ADORABLE!! Such a pretty baby! Since I live close, I was able to floor it and get there soon after she was born! I was just so excited to meet her and see her mommy and daddy become parents!! Very special. I have a feeling hubby and I will head back for a visit soon!! I can’t wait to spend more time with Molly and her parents…they have been blessed!!

holding her daddy’s finger

getting ready for her first bath

welcome to the fab five, Molly!! :)

These are only the pics I took with my iPhone. Our computer wouldn’t turn ok yesterday and I can’t get an appt with Apple until Wednesday at 1pm! Pray it’s okay bc I’ve put a lot of hours on it over the past 5 or 6 years! I think it’s the battery. Once it is fixed, I’ll get my camera pics posted!

More soon!!



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    Let's pray it is your battery because my computer wouldn't turn on last wednesday and I couldn't get an appointment until Sunday and the news was not good! :( I had to buy a new computer! Thankfully, my whole computer was backed up. Sad day for the old Powerbook! The MacBook Pro is amazing though! Good luck!!!

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