flower power

I love flowers! Most of the time, I have fresh flowers in my house. In the past few days, I’ve picked up the beauties below!

tie dyed roses

big sunflowers

yay for the weekend being here!

loves ~ Megan


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    I love having fresh flowers in the house too, there's just something about them. I've never seen tie-dyed roses before though, those are neat!

  2. says

    oh wow those are pretty!!!

    have to say i'm a huge fan of sunflowers though!! and daisies… basically all the yellows are good!


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    I love the big sunflowers!
    I found your blog through Jimmy Choos & Tennis Shoes. I went back through some of your posts & your hand looks so painful! I'm glad you don't have to have surgery.

    You definitely have a new follower. :) happy Friday!

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