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So there are TONS of things I like about our new car (we’ll we’ve had it a few months) but I think I just may have found my favorite. At the first of April, I “paired” my phone with the car. I still get tickled every time the radio cuts off and the ringing starts (I only drive it some on weekends). I think this is considered bluetooth. Our car manual came with a secret code. So, I went to my new iphone and hit add device. I typed in the code and boom! Right on the stereo dash pops up my address book. Not only can I talk to people through the radio speakers, but I also have my address book to pick from. When the phone rings, the radio stops and starts ringing and the person’s name pops up! How cool is that. You just talk normal. No yelling or anything. You adjust the volume like you would the radio. You can pick a contact name to call, dial, answer and adjust the volume from the steering wheel as wheel! I mean this is a super good way to be safe! My phone stays in my purse the whole time. LOVE IT!!!

I snapped a pic :) I had just hit the contacts option.


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    This is pretty awesome! My husband says my car can do this too, but apparently I'm just not very savvy (more like chicken) because I still haven't done it! You're my hero tackling your technology head on!

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    yes, this is pretty much the coolest thing ever. meanwhile, i am still riding with the phone in between my legs so i can feel it vibrate from my music being too loud. lol

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    I was just in my dad's car the other day, and he has this feature – made me jealous!

    On another note, I just found your blog and love it. I also have to tell you that we have a Boston named Coco, my first born (ha!) and best friend. What's your Boston's name? I just love Bostons!!!

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    That's really cool!! I just realized how out of the loop I am on fun little gadgets! yeah, what till you start driving a mini-van one day, they don't have those! Well not in mine anyways!!

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    David's Lexus does this and I love it as well! But my favorite feature would be the cooling seats really useful considering Austin has been 100 degrees for the past few days…yikes!

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