Dr.Appt & Fit for me ?

This morning hubby and I went to the fertility doctor. It went great! First off, the doctor said I responded really well to the Lupron shots. He said he could certainly tell a difference in my pelvic exam. YAY! I start birth control pills today..ugh. I am not looking forward to that but he said he should help my hot flashes and a few other things right away. YAY! Get this, the birth control pills are chewable and mint flavored. Weird huh!? I don’t know the name because I already dropped the prescription off. So I’ll take the birth control for two months. During the 10th day of my second cycle, I will have a hystosonogram. If this goes well, we can start trying! If they find scar tissue from my surgery, he will have to remove it. He said he hasn’t had to do that in a LONG time but I could be the unlucky one…(knock on wood). If there is anything else that isn’t as it should be then we may start a fertility med after the xray. If things go good, then we can try on our own for.. a while at least. YAY! Two months!!

So, I must head back here…..

I was thinking today but I am going to be too busy! I was going to post about “Fit for Her” at the beginnina April while I was in my trial period but I never got around to it. I did a 10 day trial and I really liked it. So I went every day for several weeks! I was also eating low carbs for the PCOS. I was feeling great! Then, Mexico came… chips, fruity cocktails, etc. I took a few weeks off when we got back bc I was just tired and needed some down time. Then, my whole finger/hand incident happened. So, not only have I not been working out, I’ve been eating more carbs. I’ve not really gained weight because I’ve been on the Metformin for abouy two months and it is helping break down my carbs…BUT I just don’t feel as good as I did! I can tell a HUGE difference in the way carbs make me feel and the way I feel after I work out..except now I haven’t been working out and I want to start again! I’ll continue to eat carbs..juts not as many of the bad ones…

I did join “Fit for Her” because I really liked it and it is SO close to my house. I’ve never been a big gym person. Infact, I have a stationary bike I ride at home but I only go through phases when I want to use it and don’t find SOMETHING I can or want to do around the house. There is a gym hubby goes to but it’s just not for me.. it is always busy & there is drama there(not with him of course). I don’t like people watching me when I’m working nor do I like stinky men all over the machine I use! HA! The “Fit for Her” that I go to is SUCH a nice place and very clean. A lot of the time, I’m the only person in the whole place. It does require an access remote when I have on my keychain. So, I feel safe too. It has all sorts of machines. However, for at least two months, I can only do treadmill, stair, elliptical, etc.. bc of my hand. That is okay though…cardio is helpful. They also have a sauna, classes, tanning beds, kids playroom & massage chairs. I get all of this for $30 bucks a month people! Awesome huh? Check it out..maybe the one closest to you is this nice..

In the locker room..the door goes into the room with the shower.

There are lockers to the left for people to use.

to the left is the room for classes, the middle room is for kids to play & to the right is the lobby.

Do you all go to gyms? Work out at home?

So, happy Monday!…maybe? haha

Hope you all had a great weekend! I’ll do a recap of ours soon! It was mostly spent hanging out with our favorite little ones! Hubby and I are going to a couple’s baby shower tonight and I’m excited!

xoxo ~ Megan


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    I normally just work out at home (and I don't do that as often as I should). Your gym looks super nice! I am really glad that you received a good report from your doctor's appointment! Yea!

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    yay! i'm happy that your dr.'s appointment went well! I've never heard of "fit for her", but yours looks really nice! i workout at home, well, actually i walk/jog outside and sometimes i'll carry weights with me. i like using the ball, but that's about it. jogging gets my mind cleared. i've tried the gym thing, and it just doesn't work for me with living as far out as we do and 2 kids. bummer. 😉

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    yay! i'm happy that your dr.'s appointment went well! I've never heard of "fit for her", but yours looks really nice! i workout at home, well, actually i walk/jog outside and sometimes i'll carry weights with me. i like using the ball, but that's about it. jogging gets my mind cleared. i've tried the gym thing, and it just doesn't work for me with living as far out as we do and 2 kids. bummer. 😉

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    What a blessing for ya'll!! So glad the appointment went so well!!

    I LOVE that gym…the bigger ones are so intimidating but this women's only thing sounds right up my ally!!

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    That is a beautiful gym!

    Yes, I go to 24 Hour Fitness. I love it, but of course have my days after work when I'm like, HELL NO! Haha, we also have a treadmill at home that my dad and sister bought and I said from the beginning that I bet they'd be over it in a month. And guess what? They were over it.

    SO glad to hear that the fertility doctor appointment went well! Sounds like a great beginning to trying for a baby.

    Have fun at the shower tonight!

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    YAY for the good news! And I work out at the Fit for Her by me! I love it, too! :) I also hate the "meat market" stuff that can happen at some gyms and big, sweaty guys grunting on the machines. *ew* Plus, I want to go and look gross. It's a freaking GYM-you're not supposed to look totally dolled up haha! I love it b/c it's got women of all ages working out for all reasons! :)

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    That's great news about your doctor's appointment! Hopefully the good news will continue from here for you guys.

    I go to the local Y here. It's very nice and I have never had problems there!

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    whoaaa i want a fit for her!! there are several 24 hr gyms around my house, but all unisex (gasp!) i just dont think i would enjoy it!

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    Hey Megan,
    I'm praying for you guys!!

    I used to go to one of the main gyms here in LR but to be honest with you, the smell of it made me nauseous!! As soon as I opened the door, the smell of mildew and sweat would smack me in the face…so hubby made us a home gym where we have a weight bench, elliptical and stationary bike. I just need to get to using it all a lot more. But who really wants to work out when you have a bundle of joy that is begging for all of your time???? NOT ME!! ha!

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    Wow, those facilities are really nice and good for you for working out! I try to work out 4-5 times a week. I used to go to 24 Hour Fitness, but canceled my membership to save some money since I have a little work out place at my apartment and I am jogging more regularly. Hope working out goes and to make you feel better I have issues with the carbs too, it is so hard to eat healthy all of the time! Lol. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. :)

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    I'm so glad your dr. had good things to say. Yay! I just can't wait for you to be a mommy.

    Fit for Her sounds like my kind of gym. Is it a chain or local?

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    whooooooo for a great appointment!!!! hope it's not too long before y'all are trying … you two are going to be FANTASTIC parents!

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    Good Luck to you guys with the medications! I'll be praying! And I try to work out at the gym, but I usually end up walking instead in the neighborhood. By the way, I found your blog from Tales of the Trees.

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    I have never heard of chewable BC pills…that is quite interesting!

    Loving your gym. I like that my gym has a ladies only area that is separate from all the loud, sweaty body building men. I don't use it all the time, but it's nice to have there.

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    wondering- do you have a private blogging email.
    I was just diagnosed with PCOS and while I've kept it private on my blog since finding out- I wanted to maybe talk to someone about it.
    It's been a huge blow!!!

    I however do feel grateful that I finally know what has been causing my symptoms!

    thanks!! :)

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    i just read through your fertility labels. lady, you have been through a lot. big hug to you! yay for one more month of BC? i hope you get pregnant immediately. are you gonna temp? it helped me get preggo the last time. and no soy! ok, i am being ONE of those. at least i am not telling you to relax. haha.

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