Shots are offically OVER! (randoms)

I just posted a nice LONG post and I accidently deleted it!! HOW FREAKING ANNOYING!!! Well let’s see…where to start over :( …Yesterday I got my last Lupron shot!!! YAY! 6 shots are over! I cannot get over how TIME flies! In the Lupron case, I don’t most makes me sad! Anyways, I will be in menopause for four more weeks. That only scares me because how HOT is starting to get. Menopause hasn’t been too bad but it has NOT been pleasant!

If you are in the dark, you can click here to catch up if you would like!

I have now been on Metformin for a month. It is going pretty good. I feel pretty nauseous which is normal. It mostly happenes when I eat carbs and sugars. I had really done good about NOT eating them until I went to Cabo! Then, I dove in head first to the delicious tortilla chips! Starting Monday, I will once again cut most of them out of my diet. Again, my reproductive system had been taking carbs and sugar and building cysts in my ovaries with them. The Metformin is supposed to help/keep this from happening!

I go back to the doctor on June 22nd. He will do a pelvic exam at that time and hopefully find that the cysts are gone!! One can only pray….if not gone, at least some of them will be due to the Lupron shots, Metformin and low carbs and sugar. I will also start birth contorl on the 22nd. ICK. I do not look forward to more nausea, yucky moods and a puffy face! O well, if I’ve gone through menopause for six months, surely I can handle two more months of birth control! Afterall, I did take it for like 7 years (which the doc said was one of the greatest things I could have done to prolong all this issues from forming) In August, I will go see a radiologist to have a hystosonogram. I will find out a lot more on the “plan of action” when I visit with the doctor on the 22nd. Thanks for your continuous prayers! They are GREATLY appreciated!!

Yesterday was just not a good day! After my shot, I attempted to work. To start out with…I get somewhere and lock my keys in my car! UGH. It is kind of hard to believe this was only the second time in TWO years I’ve done this! I am in and out of my car all day, too! Luckily, I had just found my spare key. My sweet friend Cameron, came to my house, got it and brought it to me. So nice of her! I ended up getting sicker than I normally do after a shot. I don’t know if it is because I’m on Metformin now or what but it was not pleasant! As some of you know, I visit seniors and places where seniors live. Sometimes the places smell wonderful and very pleasant. Sometimes, they do not! Yesterday, I constantly felt like I was going to vomit and I was just having non-stop hot flashes! When I went into a nursing center. I had to RUN, yes my heels…to a bathroom! ICK ICK ICK!

I feel like I’ve been a blog slacker this week :( Wednesday night, I cooked salmon and asparagus for the hubby and I. We watched “The Uninvited”…it was good! It was a bit scary which I tend to like. Have you all seen it? Here are two pics I snapped. The plate isn’t fancy at all.. I was in a hurry to start the movie :) That is a horseradish/butter blend on the asparagus and a lemon/dill sauce for the salmon…it was YUM!

Thursday night (last night), hubby and I had another dinner & movie night. This time, we hung out in bed since I didn’t feel well. He even stayed home from working out to lay with me :) For some reason I was craving pad thai. A new Asian cuisine kitchen opened close by and they deliver! FuWa is the name and I LOVE their pad thai. Hubby warned me it didn’t sound like the best idea since I’d been sick all day. Why don’t I listen? It was delicious but my stomach got really pissed off at me. I feel like I always learn the hard way? haha We watched “The Other Boleyn Girl”…another good movie. I thought it was quite sad though.

Did anyone see this on the Today Show this morning? She is a doll! I want to kick myself for skipping out on her concert last fall! I tried to get tickets for the one coming this year but they sold out or sky rocketed in price! I should have just got on a plane to NYC and went to the Today Show this morning. I probably could have met her too :)

Tonight we are going to a going away BBQ for our friends, Matt & Heather. Their wedding was one we went to recently. They are moving to Denver because Heather is becoming a doctor! Here is a pic of them from the 80’s party :) We were also going to go to a Ghostland Observatory show but we decided not to. We wanted to rest because tomorrow will be a long & fun day!

Tomorrow, are having a little get together for my friend Kristen :) Her birthday is in a week and we figured tomorrow night would be a good time! Here are two pics of us from Dec 2007.

I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!! Yes, Cabo pics coming soon! I’ve already put together one post of pictures of where we stayed! I MISS IT.

XOXO ~ Megan


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    so glad you’re feeling a bit better my love… and we’ll hit up ghostland another time i’m sure! have fun tomorrow for K’s bday

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    I read your other posts so you wouldn’t have to start from the beginning, but I have a question. If you are going through menopause early, how can you become pregnant. And why are you getting back on the pill? To help with the cysts?? Email me back! :)

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    hope today is better! sounds like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel with all this yucky stuff … definitely hope that’s the case! the salmon looks yum … i just had a chicken salad sandwich but am still starving! moooo. :)

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    Hope you’re not feeling so sick today! I can totally understand the smell issue…smells make me nauseous all the time!

    That salmon however looks amazing…’ll have to share the recipe for those sauces sometime! :-)

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    Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead of you. Question: Did you make the dill/lemon sauce for the salmon or did you buy it? I have some slamon I want to make next week and I have been looking for some sort of sauce to put on it. You can email me back if you want.

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    I think I just commented on one of your other posts! Whoops. I went back and read all about your journey. God bless you girl! What a strong person you are!!

    Your salmon looks delicious! I would love to make something like that!!

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    Ah yeah! Shot six! I remember when u got shot number one!! Sorry u had such a horrible day yesterday! I hate bad days!! U have such a fun weekend planned! I’m jealous! I’ll be resting:) I haven’t heard of the new Asian place .. Sounds great! Where is it!?

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    I’m so happy for you having your last shot! I have to admit, I need to catch all the way up, but I think I’m fairly up to speed and wanted to say you’re in my thoughts, girlie. And I’m sorry you felt so icky! I LOVE pad thai so I have to track this place down and try it for sure! Much like you, I crave things when I’m sick..and they’re usually things that wont sit well..haha! I hope you’re enjoying your weekend! It sounds eventful and fun!!! I slept too late today and cant sleep now so am catching up on blogs.. I’m so cool at 1:30 am..haha.. wow.

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    I’m glad you are doing good on the metformin…it made me so sick! I guess maybe that feeling eventually goes away, but I did eat carbs while on it and maybe that was the problem!!!!

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