happy holiday weekend :)

Hi all!! I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend!! Any exciting plans? Hubby and I are going to relax and spend time with friends and family. As you would guess, we do have a wedding for close family friend, Kriste, that I posted shower pics for a few posts down. We will be doing that on Saturday night. Other than that, I will probably be laying by one of these….

drinking some of these….

reading & finishing this…

making these…..

and exfoliating with this! Kind of random I know. But, since Mexico, I’ve been shedding which I haven’t done in years! It stinks :( I don’t think I’m losing much color but the apperance is just gross looking! I picked up this yummie stuff and it smells SO good!

Also, my blogger friend, Danielle, has does a Fab Friday post and this week is SUNGLASSES! I love sunglasses but never been very good with them! For my two year anniversary hubby got my a pair of really nice, quite expensive ones. I’ve taken good care and I love them. They are the Chanel 5076-H tortoise brown with mother of pearl! Head over to her site to add your URL of your fav things each Friday! She also is a great designer!! (sorry not greatest of pics..taken with my iphone..which isn’t too bad :)

I hope you all have a great one!! I’m sure while relaxing I’ll find some time to post some Cabo pics!!!

loves loves loves ~ Megan


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    Ahhh!!! I have Chanel tortoise colored sunglasses too!!! LOVEEEEE THEM!!!!! Got them in Roma…. it was a lil souvenir. :)

    Congrats! And ohhhhh my sitting by the pool!?!? I’m jealous! That sounds fantastic!!

    Enjoy new moon!! I’m still stuck in Eclipse… I need to motivate myself to finish the series before the new one comes out.

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    I think I have those! My Chanel’s look really similar. Thanks for participating. I really thought more people were going to do this one. Oh, well. I’m glad you did.

    Enjoy your weekend.

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    Your glasses are SO CUTE! And I use that body wash! haha! That’s hilarious! Love it. And also St. Ives Apricot Scrub is awesome, too. I think it’s supposed to be for your face, but when I’m tan, I use it on my body, too. Cant wait to see Mexico pics so I can live vicariously til my vaca… :) Have a great weekend!

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