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****UPDATE re: comments – I AM going to a private resort/house, yes…mostly family owned, too. Our people have been in contact with the people there all week and they say things are fine and there are no cases of the SF. Lets hope it stays that way!!

Thanks for all of your sweet comments on my posts. They make me giddy :)

How is it that the swine flu comes just before I’m supposed to leave for Mexico?!?!?! I’m going. I’m going to stop stressing about it. In Cabo….where I am going, there have been no cases. I will wear a mask on the airplane if necessary. I will do whatever it takes to get to Mexico safely and healthy…and return the same way! We leave next Sunday morning the 10th. Please pray this flu starts to fade for everyone out there in danger or that may have it! …and those going to Mexico too :) I NEED a vacation!!

On top of Mr.swine in my mind, black mold was found in our coat closet yesterday!!! It was a SMALL amount..but still…Husband never has allergies and he has over there past few months. I’m certain that is what it was. The closet backs up to the garage where the hot water heater is. There was a water valve that was covered by wall and leaking. It is fixed now. However, still very annoyed. I have sprayed all kinds of stuff all over this house and have the humidifier going. PS – We are house hunting. Haha…not REALLY….but kinda. Remember me saying we thought about refinancing because rates are so low? Well I think we will wait a bit and see if any good houses and deals come along. I like being open to the idea. I love our house..but we’ve only been here two years so why not?

I had shot number FIVE today! Can you believe it. Time has really gone by FAST! Thank goodness :) It doesn’t seem like it’s been 5 months..sometimes I feel like it has, haha. I took my last Actonel pill this morning. So, no more of that. Hopefully these shots haven’t hurt my bones too much. I start Metformin tonight. I will also be praying I don’t have any side effects from that (the worst probably being “dumping syndrome”…just imagine). I take it with dinner every night. They said I will take it through the first trimester once I’m pregnant and he even keeps some people on it throughout the whole thing. I’m still feeling pretty good today..just starting to ache and be nauseous. Not to mention this weather is probably NOT helping! Oh, and my doctor was not in today but is going to be calling me tomorrow for his opinion on the swine and me going to Mexico.

On Monday night, Brent and I watched Twilight and I really liked it! I haven’t read any of the books but I thought the movie was so sweet and nothing really like I imagine! We also picked up sushi from In the Raw. SO YUMMIE!

Have you all seen this? I know I’ve read a lot of people have. Should I still read the books if I saw the movie first?! What does everyone think?

Tuesday night we went to Brent’s sisters for dinner. We hung out and played with the girls. They are so funny.

Taylor in her shades
Tatum playing with husband..she loves her uncle brent
sitting on a pillow, on top of Brent, haha.

Last night Brent and I ate dinner at the Brook, went to drive by a house I saw for sale on the ineternet and then to Lowe’s. With this mold stuff..we have NOT had the urge to cook.

These weeks go by so fast it seems! This weekend we have a wedding and I have a bridal shower. I think I’m going to REST tonight!

Hope you all are having a good week!!

xoxo ~ Megan


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    I would still go to Mexico also if I were you. Have fun!

    Also you should totally read all the Twilight books. They are SO much better than the movie!

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    I have been thinking about this, if I had a planned trip to Mexico (which I don’t) and all of this was happening would I still go? I don’t know. Are you going to a private resort? If so then I would still go. I have no idea what difference that makes, but it sounds good to me!

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    If you liked the movie, you will like the books 10 times better. There is so much more detail and you can really grasp Bella and Edwards relationship.. it’s SO good :) I promise if you just pick up the book and read for 10 or so pages you will be hooked!
    Good luck in Mexico and hopefully not having to deal with swine flu! ugh!
    Oh.. sorry about the mold.. we got some of that when we were building our house.. we had to spray the whole thing before we could continue to build!

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    You should most definitely read the twilight books! For sure! You’ll like them so much and it’ll make you enjoy the movie more.

    Be careful in Mexico!!! Stay safe and I hope you don’t have “dumping” in an unpleasant way.

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    um. your neices are getting cuter and cuter. what a silly girl!!!

    glad you’re feeling ok.. hope it continues!!!

    i’m reading twilight right now and am not in love. apparently i’m the only one in the world who’s not!!!

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    What I wouldn’t give for a vacation. Just do your research, and if you have a wear a mask on the plane, you’ll do it. No big deal :)

    I haven’t read twilight and haven’t seen the movie, so I just don’t get it. Was the movie that good?

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    What I wouldn’t give for a vacation. Just do your research, and if you have a wear a mask on the plane, you’ll do it. No big deal :)

    I haven’t read twilight and haven’t seen the movie, so I just don’t get it. Was the movie that good?

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    Girl, I hope this swine flu doesn’t effect your trip and you can just go and have a wonderful time.

    Those are such cute pictures. Twilight and sushi, you can’t beat that. Personally, I loved the books better. I liked the movie but the books always seem to be better and go into more detail!

    Love ya girl, hope you’re doing well :)

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    ohhhhh gosh, PLEASE don’t get sick!!!! love the new background … it’s almost as precious as you are! happy FRIDAY EVE!!!!!

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    READ THE BOOKS. Seriously, if you take only one piece of advice from a total stranger- let it be that. Read the series- youll be so glad you did. And maybe pick up the first one for your plane ride and beach time?

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    Good that you are being safe about Mexico. I love Twilight – the movie. I have also read the books like 4 times. The books are really good. I think you should read them. They would be perfect for a beach vacation!


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    Cute pics!!! :) And yeah, I’d go to Mexico if I were you, too! With my vaca coming up, I’ve told everyone if I’m catching the swine, at least I’ll be catching it on a beach. haha.. :)

    Definietly read the books! I watched the movie when I was halfway through the 1st book and only half interested. I got hooked. The second book is a little darker than the romance of the first one. But, it’s good. Not as cheesy. The third and 4th books are AMAZING! :)

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