80’s Party Pics..finally :)

Here are the pictures from my friend Cameron’s 80’s birthday party! It was on Saturday night and so much fun! I know I posted a to but they are just too funny. I hope it doesn’t take forever to load on my blog. If it does, ya’ll comment and let me know and I can perhaps figure a way to help it. I just threw my outfit together..picked up the leggings. The shirt I had in college and I thought it went more off the shoulder. I called myself Kelly Kapowski, haha. Husband was Pee Wee Herman (we did have another Pee Wee show up, shockingly). As you can see below we had Prince, Tina Turner, a Prom Queen (notice corsage), 2 Madonnas, Brett Michaels, Michael Jackson, a Girl Scout from Troop Beverly Hills, Miami Vice, etc…. Enjoy!!

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Ashley & Cindy, if you are reading…I love how he was a sport and put on the glow necklace…he even posed in lots of pictures. Here he is with Tina! haha

Tallee squirted me with the water hose in the sink!

Have you all been to an 80’s party? I love themes!!


love and hugs ~ Megan


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    that looks like so much fun! you made a great Kelly!!! and your hubby is too funny!! who would have thought there would be another peewee? he made a good one! is that a compliment?? :) have a good weekend!!

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    First of all kudos for having the PATIENCE to post all these pics on blogger.

    Second LOVE your hair!!! Ahhhh this takes me back!! I used to wear my in a half up ponytail ALL THE TIME!

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    I’m still laughing!!!
    Awesome party! I haven’t been to one since after high school (1996ish). I loved pee wee and all the blue eyeshadow too!! :)
    hope you had a great weekend!

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