8 Things & Friday Recap

**I had the urge to change my background..what do ya’ll think? I’ve also always wondered if I should put picture captions under or above the pic…I’ve always done above, but I think I’m going to switch to under.

Two sweet girls tagged me with the 8 things post :) I love reading Alyssa & Emily’s blogs so much! I had a few awards given the week I was sick and I never did post them. Shame on me. I do appreciate them blogger friends, THANK YOU :)

8 things I’m looking forward to:

1. meeting some bloggy friends for lunch next weekend
2. molly’s shower and birth :)
3 .going to Mexico in two weeks…flu man, I will beat your butt if you mess with this trip!
4. being done with my shots and out of menopause
5. being a mommy & brent being a daddy
6. a summer of sitting on porches with cocktails
7. holidays
8. the rest of my life :)

8 things I did yesterday:

1. ate cheerios
2. laid in bed
3. drank a real coke
4. watched the kardashians
5. watched pretty woman
6. went to family’s house for dinner (same place at rehearsal below, yummie leftovers!)
7. hung out with family
8. drank wine..red wine..until 1am this morning

8 things I wish I could do:

1. sleep all night
2. get prego easily
3. go to nyc soon to meet my new cousin
4. dye my hair
5. travel to far away places
6. eat whatever I wanted without gaining weight or having allergies
7. rid my freckles
8. win the lotto

8 shows I watch on t.v:

1. gossip girl
2. one tree hill
3. american idol
4. csi: miami
5. real housewives of whichever city
6. law & order svu
7. old 90210
8. without a trace

8 people I tagged:


:) I think the “8 Things” has been going around for a while so if you’ve not done it and want to…go right ahead!!

I’ve had a pretty busy past few days! This weekend, I had a rehearsal dinner, Baptism & wedding. LOTS of fun :) On Friday morning I made these lil yummies for a bake sale. It was held at a fair for senior citizens. I love working with seniors :) After work, I helped set up for a rehearsal sinnwe. Brent’s family is quite extended. His stepdad’s ex-stepson got married :) The whole family is close! It has been fun meeting and getting to know everyone over the past 7 years :) Marcus and Mandy have been dating for a while and tied the knot on Saturday! The rehearsal dinner was at Marcus’ brother’s house and it was wonderful! Zio’s catered and it was delish! Here are a few pics.

pretty table!

view of the back porch from inside
Tatum playing dress up in her cousins clothes :)
pretty arrangement!
us :)
Tatum & Taylor with their cousins…playing dress up
Sonya & I
Brent & Curtis
Me & Brent’s little sister, Kate.
more us :)

Will, Brent’s stepbrother, and myself

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!! There are lots more pics from my weekend I’ll post over the next day or two. Our friends Kyle & Jessica’s little girl, Lucy, got Baptized on Saturday. It was a wonderful service and such a fun reception. The decorations were SO cute! Lucy is so popular that David Cook even came! Lucky girl!

xoxo ~ Megan


  1. says

    Oh my!! You know I’m a sucker for cupcakes! And that black and white dress is SO chic!! Love it!!

    PS I didn’t know you had freckles!! In the pics you could hardly tell! I wish I could rid mine too!

  2. says

    1. i would like to eat every single cupcake in your picture.
    2. i want you and brent to be mommy & daddy too!!!!!!
    3. love the flower pictures. i need flowers in my house.
    4. be careful with swine flu!

    random list. but it's monday. :)

  3. says

    Ooohhh I looovveee cupcakes. Probably in an unhealthy kind of way. As in, I can eat way too many of them! Sounds like you had a fabulous and busy weekend. You just made me crave Zios, by the way…yum!

  4. says

    I can’t wait for you to be a mommy either… you’re going to be a great one. :)

    Oh, how I wish I could eat anything and everything I want and not gain a pound.

  5. says

    yeah for meeting this wseekend:)
    And yeah for cupcakes.. you are the best cupcake maker out there:)
    Also, praying menopause is over soon and baby making can start:)

  6. says

    Oh my goodness!! Your blog is so freakin cute!! & you are SO pretty!!! Awww I can't wait to read more! I just happened to see your comment- I am on my way out, but am so going to catch up when I get back!!


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