A Snowy Spring Wedding

This past weekend, our friends Katy & Austin got married! It snowed at least a good 5 inches the day of their weddings and things were still perfect! Their ceremony was in a quaint little church. The reception was at a lodge called Five Oakes. It is a big lodge with a big veranda porch that sits on a lake! They were able to get a tent on the porch with a heater which was awesome. I stayed warm, cold, warm, cold all night. Imagine that! 😉 Everything was SOOOO pretty! We had a great time :)

Here husband and I are the the reception :)
First Dance
beautiful cake!
I love this picture. Katy’s mom and sister are standing to the side in yellow and slate.
cutting the cake
Micah & Kristen
Me & Tallee
Tallee, Jennifer & Myself
Myles & Dara
Cameron & myself

Jen & Cameron
Micah & myself
Tyler, Will (my brother-in-law) & I on the porch (under the heated tent)
hmmm not sure what is happening!
Our little photoshoot! Tallee, Cameron, me, Kristen & Jen
Brent and his besties…Spencer, Grant, Judd, Husband & Tyler…no, he did not realize his jacket was still buttoned.
Us, some more :)
With the bride!
Cameron & Myself
Brothers, step-brothers
Me & Tal, again :)
sisters, Kristen & Katy
hahaha..yes, the is AFTER the reception…we all felt awesome after those chocolate cake shots.

I just love weddings :) I will post more weekend pics soon. Tonight we are just hanging out. It is hailing outside! Yes, snow Saturday, beautiful Sunday & warm and hail & rain tonight, nice!!

Sweet Dreams!

xoxo ~ Megan


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