Snow Storm!

I still can’t believe this crazy weather! A few days ago it was in the 70’s and last week in the 80’s! Today, in the 30’s with a snow storm!! I’ve NEVER seen it snow for this long of a period, EVER. I mean it has been stowing HARD HARD since about 6am this morning. I woke up about 8am. Our heating/cooling unit was making a funny noise in the attic. I called my friend, Cameron to have her ask her dad who does building and home improvements. He came over and looked at it for us and told Brent a few things to know about it. SUCH a nice & helpful guy! Hopefully he will be helping with some improvements on our yuck tile floor and remodeling of our master closet soon!

Brent and I left about 10:45 to pick up our friend Alyssa from the airport. Her plane was to arrive at 11:56. All the way up until 11:56 it said on time. Then, about 12:05, it said DEL 2:11. So a few minutes after I got a call from her. The plane was 15 minutes from Tulsa and turned back around to DFW because of the weather here! TERRIBLE! So, she thought about driving but didn’t know about the road conditions. DFW airport told her it was not certain if a flight could get in here today or not. They are still sending her luggage here….those turds. So, she isn’t coming :( Brent and I ate at Chickfila, which was packed! People will make it there no matter the weather conditions.

The wedding is still on! My friend Katy will have a beautiful white, spring wedding tonight :) Crazy thing is, the terrible ice storm we had at the end of 2007, happened to occur on the night of her sister, Kristen’s wedding!

I’ve taken several pics today. I will upload them tomorrow with the wedding pics. In the meantime, here are a few short videos I took. I’ve never put any on my blog so I hope they work! I don’t think they do justice to show how HARD the snow is coming down!

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That lovely mud by the neighbors yard is where the electric company dug up the ground to replace some lines, ughh.
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hope you all are having a good saturday!!!

lovie ~ Megan


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    I can’t believe all of the snow you guys have gotten! I have been talking to all of my friends/family there throughout the day! We didn’ get ANY of it!!! Can you believe that?!? Have fun at the wedding! I can’t wait to see the pics!

  2. says

    Gracious. That looks cold!!

    What’s crazy? We’re actually under a tornado watch right now. We almost never get those! So we’re stuck indoors tonite watching it rain..

    Have fun at the wedding! Can’t wait to see pics!

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    wow, I can’t believe how much snow you’re getting! no joke, it is in the 70s and 80s where we live! What a bummer that your friend’s plane had to turn around =(! I bet the wedding was gorgeous hope everyone had a great time!

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