Lucy at Lucky’s

Yesterday, I met my friends Jessica & Lucy for lunch. They are both precious. Lucy mostly snoozed because she is just a little bambino! She gets bigger and prettier every time I see her. We ate at Lucky’s. It was only my second time. I really enjoyed it. A good lunch spot.

I haven’t really used my iphone camera much so I snapped a few pics :) I think if the phone would have a flash, Lucy might have LOOKED at the camera. She was teasing me.. Little does she know, I got one with her sleeping :)

Tonight, I have not done much! I did watch this movie. I LOVE it. I love both one and two. I could watch them at least once a week. Of course I cry. It is my hormones!

I am hoping for a good night of sleep tonight. Not likely. Last night was a little better. The two worst things with this menopause lately is the LACK of sleep and the TERRIBLE skin. My face has just gone nuts and I do NOT like it :( O well…. next week is shot 4! I’m over half way done!! WAAAHOOOO. Brent goes in the week after for his IUI screening.

This weekend is my friend Katy’s wedding. Of course we are supposed to have SNOW or a wintery mix on Saturday!! REALLY?! yes, the weather here is insane…hot cold hot colt hot cold. Hopefully it’s nice..either way, the wedding will be beautiful! I’m picking my friend Alyssa up from the airport around lunch time tomorrow as she is coming in to celebrate the wedding to :) Should be a fun weekend! I will post soon :)

xoxo ~ Megan

“Carpe Diem”


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    I love both of the father of the bride movies….. my favorites… I hope you start sleeping better.. I hate not being able to sleep! yeah for going to cabo in May.. I have never been to cabo but my husband has and LOVES it:) Ull have to fill me in on all of its greatnesss! Thanks for the sweet sweet comments on my blog! ur the sweetest!

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