Lots of Cupcakes!

So, Friday afternoon…the night before the snow storm..I stayed warm and cozy and made the yummie snacks below. It started out as me wanting to make some for the family across the street as the welcomed their FOURTH little girl last week! :) I decided to get creative with the spring colors to have around here! I bet you can guess which is for the neighbors…yes, the pink ones! The mini ones I did with my extra icing..I had some blue and pink left and it swirled out nicely!

Guess what cupcake is staying the night with us tonight!

This one :) This picture is Halloween 2007. I thought it was appropriate because she was eating a cupcake I brought her!

She is our sweet niece Tatum and I love her! She is always asking us to stay the night with her or to come stay the night with us, so we picked tonight. I see many more sleep overs in the future! Some exciting news in her life…her momma is expecting another baby!!! She got pregnant on her second round of Clomid. She is only about 5 weeks. As of Monday at her second doctor appointment, her levels are very high and the doctor thinks the baby might have a friend!!! So there MIGHT even be twins! Can you believe it!? They are hoping to find out on Friday but it could actually happen anytime in the first trimester (twins)..which I did not know! So Tatum & Taylor might have two new siblings around Thanksgiving. Husband and I -aunt & uncle x5. Say a prayer for Morgan!!

Happy last day of March! Geeesh, time flies!! Hope you all are having a great day!! More tomorrow!

xoxo ~ Megan


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    Megan… how did you get those fun colors of icing and how did you get the icing to swirl like that… u are good.. come to jenks and bring me some:) We need to plan a day and go to lunch:) id love to really “meet” u:)

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