I heart Reese

Did anyone see Reese Witherspoon on Regis and Kelly yesterday? She is pretty much the cutest thing ever! I think she is classy and a great actress! I thought her hair looked amazing on the show but I can't find any pictures of it! I thought I could find some by today. Here are a few that I like though :)

This is at a premiere for her new movie

so cute
I think it is fun she did a movie like Monsters vs. Aliens 
On the cover of April Elle
Finally, she is down to earth! I like that she just hangs out with her kids. She wears normal clothes and doesn't glam herself up for a walk. 

xoxo ~ Megan


  1. She is so cute. She has the brightest smile. I think she seems like a normal person too - not so much full of herself.

    I love her hair with the bangs!


  2. I love Reese too! She is so cute and I love her as an actress. Wish I could've seen her on Regis and Kelly. :(

    I just jumped over from jill's blog, the young and the precious, by the way!

  3. I love her too she is the cutest!

  4. She is the cutest little thing!

    Plus she dates Jake and that makes her awesome in my book!!

  5. I love her!! She is sweet southern and a beauty!! She is one of my hubs' favorites too =)!

  6. I agree too! she is gorgeous, I love that second pic of her! and definitely awesome that she just hangs out like a normal Mommy with her fam =)!

  7. Love, Love Reese! She's fabulous.


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