Dangerously In Love

So, I had never been to or eaten Maggie Moo’s until yesterday. They bought out all of our Cold Stone Creamery locations. At Sunday dinner, Morgan picked Maggie’s up. Have I ever mentioned how I’m not that big into eating cupcakes? Well I make them all the time. My biggest love is the batter than I constantly eat as I’m making them. WELL, Maggie’s has a ice cream called “Better Batter”…and OH.MY.GOSH! I AM IN LOVE WITH IT!!! It is seriously amazing!!! I took a bite of one of the girls then finished off one Morgan started on. Today, I want some!! I looked it up online and it doesn’t appear to be THAT bad for me 😉 If you don’t count the fact I’m not supposed to eating sugar and all. You should seriously hunt this stuff down and try it!!

I will post weekend pics soon!!




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    Oh Girl… I really don’t like ice cream that much but I love the “Better Batter” flavor at Maggie Moos. It’s amazing!

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    ummm… yeah!
    we have a maggie moos here and i LOVE it. im with you, better batter is the best. and guess what, they have a CHOCOLATE better batters sometimes too!

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