Couples Shower & St. Paddy’s Pics

Here are a few pics from St.Patrick’s day and our friend’s couple shower. Brent and I went downtown with some friends for St.Paddy’s and it was a blast! Here are a few of the pictures.
Us :)
White & Cameron
Cameron & I @ McNellie’s
Cameron, Me, White & Dave
Brent, Tyler & Chris Jr.
White made some friends on the street!
Tyler, Myself & Will
Brent & white
Cam & I again
Ashley, Jen & Tallee met up with us after the Elton John/Billy Joel Concert!

Here are two pics from our friends Heather & Matt’s couple shower. I forgot my camera! So, I borrowed two from a friend. I may post a few more once Cam posts hers!

Heather and Matt playing a FUNNY game at their party. They answered questions about one another and tried to guess. If they were wrong, they had to add a piece of bubble gum and take a shot of champagne!
Cameron, Myself, The Bride (Heather) & Margo

Happy Hump Day!!!

xoxo ~ Megan


  1. says

    Good Pics and I love that orange dress on you!! I totally dropped the ball on St Paddy’s Day, I forgot to even wear green :( I am glad you celebrated!!

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