Lots of Sweet Babies!

Can you imagine having triplets and a two year old? Well, I have a friend who does! On September 1st of this past year, my sweet friend Ashley had triplets! At that time, she also had a one and a half year old! So, yes 4 kids under two years old! Ashely had triplets natually. I still can’t believe it! She had all 3 healthy and above 5 pounds..two were above 6!

I’ve been friends with Ashley since junior high when we were pen pals. Yes, we lived only a few miles but used mounds of stationary to write one another through the mail (before email was cool). Yes, we did hang out in person, too. Anyways, Ashley is a great mom and so very organized! She always has been :) She has four kids and they keep her busy. This past weekend, while in Texas, my mom and I had the pleasure go to meet the triplets and play with everyone. They weren’t fussy at all. They were happy babies! Cannon sat in my mom’s lap for about an hour just hanging out. It made a good Valentine’s Day! My mom wanted husband to go with me to see all the babies, but I was un-selfish and he did groom and dad stuff for my friend’s wedding.

Here are a few pics I took!

The boys, Griffin & Palmer

Sweet girl, Cannon

Reese with her little brothers

I let Reese take some pics :) about 20, she was pretty good for the most part!

Me & Ashley with Cannon – if I ever had mutiples I would have to cut my hair! the boys loved pulling on it when I was holding them :)

Reese is a doll

Griffin just resting as he plays

Ashley with all her kids!! (I took this from her facebook)

So glad to see you all Ashley!!

Holly & Jill – I’m coming to see ya’ll and the princesses next time please!!

Happy Friday! xoxo ~ Megan :)


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    Hey Megan!
    It’s Teryn! I found your blog on Holly’s. Blogs are so great! When I first heard Ashley was having triplets.. I couldn’t imagine.. especially knowing she already had a daughter younger than mine! But they’re adorable and she seems to be doing great! You look great as well!

  2. says

    She seems like a great mom! I couldn’t imagine having 4 kids that young. For some reason I can’t become a follower of your blog. It never works on my home computer or work computer. Not sure if anyone else is having this problem or not…
    I’m not even sure what you can do to fix it. I just wanted to let you know.

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