Happy Birthday to Holly

Today is my friend Holly’s birthday! Every year on the 22nd of Febuary, I think of you. Yes, I have one billion pictures of us but they are mostly at my parent’s house in Texas. I did manage to find a few randoms here. They are funny. I am glad I can keep up with you and your cute family on your blog! :)

The quality of these pics are not great as I only used disposable cameras through high school. So, I took pictures of these pictures. I probably don’t know dates either! Happy Birthday Holly!

I believe this is inside Walmart ? I have a pic of your mom too.

Before prom my Junior year and Holly’s Senior

Think this is spring 2001. Ashley (the triplet’s momma), Fallon, Jade, Me (w/ a terrible smile) & Holly @ a party

Holly & I are her wedding.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! I’m so very tired! I went to a bachelorette party last night which is always fun.

Don’t forget the Oscars are on tonight!

xoxo ~ Megan


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    OH MY WORD I DIED LAUGHING WHEN I SAW THESE! love you megs and you better come see my little angels when you come back to town. i love those memories and boy did we have some good ones!! i love it! and you!

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