Things I like in January

This was my first mosaic and it was fun. It took me a few days to figure it all out but here it is :)

The things I like this month!

1. I got 4 pairs of these J.Crew argyle socks for Christmas and I love them. They are so long & pretty.

2. I’ve decided to start using coupons (today) and I already like it!

3. I bought this Laura Mercier eye liner in Black Turquoise at the first of the month. I’ve always used black and I really like the hint of color.

4. I am enjoying being a blogger!

5. I LOVE this season of the bachelor. The girls are CRAZY and the ex-bachelorette comes back..can’t wait!

6. I love these Crystal Light Live Active Packets in Peach Raspberry. They are supposed to help with digestion.

7. It is trashy with a capital T but I can’t get enough of The Real Housewives of Orange County!

8. This nail polish is called “I’m with Brad” it is Sephora by OPI. I bought it in December and just found it, haha. It is dark with red pretty!

9. I love Valentine’s Day hearts, love red & pink, etc…

10. Tulips are at the stores! They aren’t in yards yet seeing as it is sleeting here right now. I bought some though and they’ve lasted over a week.

11. I’m obsessed with this Moroccan Hair Oil! It is wonderful. You can probably get it at a salon close to you or off line! I put the link in the word.

12. This is really random but I love these Hormel Pepperonis. I’ve never been a big pepperoni person when it is on pizza. These though, right out of the fridge are yum…and good for my “low-carb lifestyle” :)

What do you like this month??

hugs & icey roads ~ Megan

* HAPER OPENED HER EYES TODAY AND SQUEEZED HER DADDY’S HAND!!! How exciting! Very special moment for the Stamps. Click the Harper button to the right for an update! And please keep praying!


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    With the new house we’ve bought almost all new furniture. We’re buying a new TV but waiting until our enterntainment center is off back order from Pottery Barn…so I can’t watch The Bachelor or The Real Housewives!!! Happy January!

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    love the nail polish!! and what does the Moroccan Hair Oil do??? and dusty wants me to tell you he loves lynne (the new housewife) on orange county. vicki is crazy and bitchy. loves you megs!

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    oooh! You’ve inspired me! Since my house is probably iced shut…I have plenty of time to figure out a collage! Do I need some kind of special software??

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    I am always afraid I am going to be that girl with the coupons holding up everybody in line. Luv Luv Luv tulips, Wallie World has gotten in their tulip shipments this week. I can not wait to fill my house with them!!! I will have to try the pepperoni idea:)

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    Hey! I did it! Tell me what you think. I downloaded Picasa 3 (FREE, Yay!) The only problem is that I can’t show my title…Oh well, Thanks! I so needed a new header!

    About the Batchelor, I was so glad he didn’t give out that last rose! No need to get their hopes up!

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    I want to do a mosiac like that.. i have done one before but where i did it was screwy… so FUN! I love soo many of your fav things right now:) and I love my bloggy award:) u are the best megan:) Hope you are iced in today!

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    Okay~ if we ever end up living in the same city we must hang out! I love the Bachelor and The Real Housewives.

    I love the nail polish color. I haven’t seen “I’m with Brad” yet. I’ll have to find it.

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