Surprise @ Stokley

I wanted to post this because this was at a fun place and we had a great time! These are pictures from our friend Roy’s 30th surprise party! It was on December 27th @ Stokley Event Center. My friend, Andra (Roy’s wife), did a wonderful job of setting it all up! Roy and Brent grew up together. As mentioned, the party was at the Stokley Event Center. The Stokley’s do signs and billboards here in Tulsa! ..not sure about everywhere else.

Roy walking in. He seemed VERY surprised!

Jamie, Cameron & Kristen

Me & Brent

Zach & Sasha

Cake time

Us with the signs :)

Curtis, Morgan, Me & Brent

Me & Micah

Sasha, Me & Cameron

Morgan holding Lukas, Erik & Cassidy’s little one…Roy’s newphew.

The Sutherlands

Notice Brent

Brent, Grant, Roy, Zach & Judd

Me & Kristen 

Tallee, me, Cameron & Kirsten (my hair looks red?)

I’ll post my bday pics soon maybe! Yay for tomorrow starting the weekend!

hugs & birthdays ~ megan


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