Ice & Snow Days

My past two and a half days have been relaxing and slick! Starting Monday early afternoon, we started getting sleet! I came home from work a bit early as I clearly am not going to work outside in those conditions. Brent and I just hung out and watched movies all night.

Tuesday morning, we woke up to find ice..lots of ice! It was not near as bad as our last ice storm but still there. I got up Tuesday knowing I woulnd’t be able to work. For Brent, it was optional to go in for a bit. A friend that he works with came to pick him up in his SUV. I made them breakfast then hit the couch :) I’ve pretty much been here since! Cameron & Jamie came over about lunch time. Jamie did get stuck on the way to get Cameron…funny. We made pizza and soup. Later on, Callie, Kyle & Matt came over. Then, when Brent got home we played Cranium while it snowed hard for a few hours! Everyone started to get stir crazy so we headed to the always close-by Louie’s. It is about a mile and a half away. We went in trucks so the roads didn’t seem too bad… though they were solid ice. We needed a few more hours of snow :)

I don’t know if having a few cocktails makes someone with menopause have TERRIBLE nights but I had the worst yet last night :( I tossed and turned..awake…all night. I felt like my body was about 150 degrees. Brent got up a few times to get me a cold, wet wash cloth. I could have laid on the cold tile in the bathroom but he wasn’t going to go for that. No opening the window either. I felt like crap and cramping this morning so I laid around. Brent went to work about 9. Cameron and Jamie came over pretty soon after. Cameron made me waffles in my new waffle machine. Sweet friends :) We laid around all day watching old 90210 episodes, The O.C. & “The Women”. I thought it was a cute movie. We picked up the Brook for lunch. It is close and yummie. Yes, I have taken a shower in these two days. Yes, I do have to work tomorrow. I’ve got a meeting at 9am to introduce a client to a caregiver. So there ya have it! I’ve used every towel and blanket in our house and I have piles of laundry to do. I should have done it today/tonight..duh.

We didn’t go without power but I know a lot of people did. Oklahoma was declared a State of Disaster. I’ll say a prayer for those that are at Red Cross and all the other places getting help.

Here are a few pics from the past two days.

Cameron working on the pizza.

Cameron and Jamie

We thought the pizza was pretty.

Matt, Judd & Chris Jr. @ Louie’s.

Me, Callie, Kyle & Jamie

Me & Cameron

Jamie, Kristen & Grant

I think Jamie wanted to do a pryamid?

Us :) In Grants truck after doing donuts in a field.

We were going to try for another pryamid but Cameron was on the we just posed, haha.

Jamie making an angel.

A little snowy back.

This was this afternoon. I took it from inside, yes. It was very sunny today but we still have ice and snow.

love & snow ~ Megan

ps ~ Something extra great happened today for the Stamps! Harper came off her machines and her mommy got to hold and feed her! She is adorable and our prayers are being answered! :) They are hoping she can maybe go home next week.


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