I Think I Want to be a Coupon Queen

So this morning, I was reading some blogs I’ve come across lately. Whether it is coupons, free shipping or Walgreens rebates, there are people that dedicate their time to finding and showing the best deals around. There are women out there that MAKE money using coupons. Not only do they get all their groceries for free, sometimes they get cash back!

I got to thinking, I spend probably at least $75.00 on groceries each week (sometimes much more). Why shouldn’t I find coupons, cut them and save some money!? I occasionally have some time on my hands so cutting and organizing coupons wouldn’t waste time. I got online today and PRINTED out coupons. It was easy. I found multiple websites that let me print manufactures coupons off. I’d go through, select the ones for the things we use then and print them off! I also called our local newspaper and subscribed to Sunday delivery only. It is a few more cents than picking it up at the store but the convenience of someone delivering is worth it to me. The Sunday paper is FILLED with coupons. I don’t think I’d spend that much time trying to figure out which store has the best price. Although, I think I’ll look at sale ads.

Me, Brent and my brother typically cook at our house Mon-Fri night. Probably 3 nights out of the week we get fresh fish from the a local grocery store’s seafood counter. I’m on a HUGE salmon kick! Some Fridays we may go to dinner (For dinner out, I did buy a coupon packet from a kid in our neighborhood. Her school was doing a fundraiser and I got about $300 worth of coupons for restaurants (chain and local) all for $20 bucks!). With three of us, two being men, groceries can add up. I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t buy things simply because I had a coupon but I would buy them if we USE the things.

I used my first coupons today! I saved $8.00. I found coupons for some of the things I get every time I go to the grocery store or might need specifically (coffee creamer). The things included Mission tortillas, frozen veggies, bottled water, ahi tuna steaks, coffee creamer, Butterball turkey bacon, Progresso canned soup. I was pretty proud of myself!

To start this process, I set up an email account strictly for receiving offers and coupons. Some of the websites I went to would link me directly to a specific brand website…Betty Crocker, GE, Progresso had a site and so on. They all wanted me to enter an email address and a log-in. This way, I can log in to print off coupons and they can send me updated when they add new.

I will let you all know how it goes. I think it is a logical way to save some money and get the “bang for your buck”…do you all use coupons?

happy frozen cold monday! ~ Megan


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    i have thought about doing this a thousand times but never actually get started! i seriously should though, especially with the munchkin.

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    This is a GREAT idea…. lots of money to be saved in doing this and you’ll inspire alot of others to do the same… Oh, and for some reason, I’m trying to follow your blog but it won’t let me. Don’t know why!

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    I am really bad about coupons… I did hear of this website a friend from college (Kelvin Stroud) started. You may have heard but its called “collegetokens.com” I’ll post about it :) Enjoy the cozy weather!!

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