Picture overload....

My computer won't even upload anymore pictures! Actually, Brent's computer..that I have somewhat taken over! I had a desktop, a brand new one, when I started college. Then, I began to use his MAC G4 laptop. Honestly, I don't know why I ever used a desktop. Wireless is one of the greatest inventions in the whole wide world. However, my pictures, and the quality my camera is set to take, have used just about all this computer's space!

I do think my next computer will be a MAC. Brent says he is going to get me one strictly for pictures. This one has probably 7000 songs and I now 7000 pictures. I am going to purchase an external drive! This way, my pictures will be backed up and off this computer. I do plan to put them on cds as well. I liked to be organized about it too.

I have been quite annoyed lately that I'm behind on uploading and posting pictures. I just look through my camera. So, hopefully, if I have a relaxing Sunday, I can get that taken care of!

Last weekend Brent and I spent the weekend in Fayetteville for a football game. My parents were here in Tulsa from Thursday-Monday to help my brother move into his apartment. That was nice that we could spend some time with them. My mother is a shopper and cooker so that is always nice.

We have no plans this weekend! My friend Jamie's birthday was last weekend but she was working and we were out of town so I think some celebrating will go on this weekend! Tomorrow night, Thursday, we are celebrating Dara's birthday :) I'm getting picked up in a limo and we are heading to dinner. A group of people are going to see Rascal Flatts and Taylor Swift but Brent and I are not. I love celebrations though.

Speaking of concerts, I need to keep up with the music scene around here! I get annoyed when I miss something. For instance, Beck and MGMT will be here on Sunday but it is sold out. I do not know really why we have so many Sunday shows around here, but we do. Lil Wayne was scheduled this past Friday (when I was in Fayetteville)..it got canceled and moved to Oct.10th..so perhaps I'll get my way to that. The fair starts tomorrow! So, we are going to a few concerts at the Rodeo next weekend! I love fall...and I love that there is a pumpkin patch close to our house that I drive by every day..I love that in turns into a Christmas tree farm right after pumpkin time!

Brent looked through my blog the other day while I was at worked. He called me and said he really thought I should get a new picture of our kitchen up so people were not mistaken from the picture I posted when we were buying the house. It has completely had a makeover! A lot of things in our house have...So, perhaps in one of my next few posts I'll show some "before" and "afters"..

Today I am excited about the new Lipstick Jungle season starting, decorating for Halloween and quesadillas for dinner. Fun huh? I liked Cashmere Mafia as well as Lipstick Jungle..but for some reason is got canceled. Who does the "cancel" the show polls? I want to be included!!

xoxo ~ megan

"...if you haven't, you should; these things are fun and fun is good." - dr.suess


I have tasted a piece of Heaven......

and I am tickled...it's true...what you about to hear, you should take note of!

THIS - is, without a doubt, the best sandwich I've ever put into my mouth.

This is the tomato & mozzarella sandwich from Panera Bread Company. I've always liked their sandwiches..but this one..I like better than any sandwich I've ever had. True, I am quite fond of basil and mozzarella..but I do like bread as well. Well, they've put it all together with sun dried tomatoes and made a panini. It is spectacular!!! I'm not going to tell you how many times I've eaten it this week..but I wish they had a membership club card or something! Please, go eat one..just try it!

It has been raining here all day long! I know I look shit, I have to! I hope it clears up soon...it's not fun if you have to be out and about in it like I do. I'd rather be sitting on my couch watching a movie.

I think I'm going to decorate for Halloween soon. It seems early, but the months just keep flying by.

I'm liking this blogging thing :)

xoxo - megan

"Go thy way, eat thy bread with joy, and drink thy wine with a merry heart; for God now accepteth thy works." ~ Ecclesiastes 9:7


Six years ago today...

Brent and I started dating! :)

I year and a half after that, we got a dog :)

Almost two years ago, we got married :)

Best and biggest decision I've ever made :)

If I had my "college" computer here, I'd post pics from each year on Sept 10th...but I don't. I will post a few. At some point, when I get my other computer cleaned and get an external hard drive, I'll do a picture time line. It will be fun.

A FEW things I love about Brent...how much he loves me, how much he loves our dog. how much he loves both of our families. how he became good friends with my friends. how he had good friends that wanted to be my friend. he thinks of others before himself. he learned to like the shows I like. he holds my hand. he sings and is good. he gets me a card on special occasions. he knows what I'm wanting before I ask. he does what I want without me asking. his beard. he plays and talks to elton as if he were a human and not a dog. he wants to succeed at everything he does. he accepts that I take a lot of pictures. he loves his nieces so much. he is cleanly. he doesn't care what others think. he would be okay with being the "wedding singer". he let me take over his g4 computer. he has razorback team spirit, at all times. he lets me buy what I want. he is so cute. he thinks kate hudson is as hot as I do. he can sleep late or wake up early. the fact he told me he'd get matching tattoos if we ever got married. he brings me home flowers for no reason. the way he smells. the way he gets close to my face when he giggles. he asks me what color shirt he should wear. he proposed to me in my favorite city. he likes my hair curly. he can cook. he likes to cook...I could go one forever and ever and ever...I'm sure you get the picture :)

Speaking of pictures, here are a FEW of us! I don't have all the dates as this computer isn't organized yet. They are from oldest down to newest..

Fall o2 -Texarkana before Deb ball

Summer 04 - Fayetteville, Brents 23rd bday

Summer 05 - NYC - Right after getting engaged

Summer 05 - Fayetteville, Us after getting engaged

Fall 05 - Fayetteville, Us @ Matt & Hillary's Wedding

Fall 05 - Fayetteville, Football season

Fall 05 -Fayetteville before Bikes blues & bbq

Winter 05 - Tulsa, Christmas party at Morgan and Curtis'

Summer 06 - Tulsa engagement party

Fall 06 - Fayetteville, Lauren's bday

Fall 06 - Texarkana, Our wedding!

Spring 07 - Texarkana, Katie & Erik's wedding

Spring 07 - Fayetteville out to dinner

Summer 07 - Tulsa, Party @ Sutherlands farm

Winter 07 - Dallas, New year's trip

Winter 07 - Tulsa, Judd and Kristen's wedding

Winter 07 - Dallas, new years eve

Winter 08 - Us on my 24th bday

Spring 08 - Tulsa, Curt's bday dinner

Summer 08 - Tulsa, Kyle's Bday party

Summer 08 - Tulsa, Brents 27th bday party

So, here was a little picture shrine for the past 6 years of us being together...some dates might now be right..but I love each picture and each moment!

one love - megan

"Love is everything it's cracked up to be…It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for." ~ Erica Jong


So, I prefer.....

I prefer the today show over good morning america
I prefer mr.goodcents over subway
I prefer green lights over red ones
I prefer home alone 1 over home alone 2
I prefer my hair dark rather than light
I prefer riding and not driving
I prefer gmail over any e-mail system
I prefer drinking wine and reading a magazine rather than working out
I prefer the razorbacks over any other college team
I prefer red over orange
I prefer fresh flowers over fake..but i do both
I prefer blogging than writing in an journal
I prefer nyc over vegas
I prefer dresses over jeans
I prefer laying out over skiing
I prefer snow over ice
I prefer not wearing socks
I prefer being cold versus being hot
I prefer any beverage other than beer
I prefer richard gere over george clooney
I prefer sun over rain if i have to be out in it
I prefer super target over walmart
I prefer ground turkey and not ground beef
I prefer waking up early more often than not
I prefer spelnda versus real sugar
I prefer one tree hill over any other show on tv
I prefer expensive liquor over cheap (blame brent)
I prefer reading blogs rather than news articles
I prefer the old 90210 and not the new (i'm watching it now)
I prefer to take pictures versus trying to remember everything
I prefer no speed bumps over any
I prefer my dog over anyone else's dog (duh)
I prefer not sleeping in shorts or pants
I prefer hot dogs over hamburgers
I prefer pedicures over manicures
I prefer warhol over van gogh
I prefer wood floor over tile..hate my tile
I prefer not drying my hair over spending 20 minutes doing so..
I prefer to deny that my metabolsim is slowing down versus eating less
I prefer dressing up for halloween versus being borrring
I prefer candles over air freshener
I prefer driving my car until it quits versus a car payment
I prefer working out at home
I prefer goolge over search engines I've used before
I prefer chanel sunglasses over any others
I prefer drinking coffee every morning than feeling sleepy all day
I prefer it staying lighter late versus a black sky at 5pm
I prefer when people at least try to be "greener" than they use to be
I prefer sex and the city the shower over the movie
I prefer having the blinds open rather than closed
I prefer fresh veggies over canned

Just FYI...a few things I "prefer"
(I'm doing good, blogging 2 days in a row!)

one love ~ megan

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony." - Mahatma Gandhi


Fall is approaching...hopefully!

Hi all :) So, I feel as though fall is approaching. The temps are beginning not to be quite so hot. They are warm but there are more cool days than usual. I love fall & winter. There is SO much I love about them....here are a few things!

I love..football..mainly, the Razorbacks..even if I feel as though they might be lame this year. Tailgaiting rocks...CAMP MCFAYED pics to come!

I love....HOLIDAYS..all of em!
(Christmas 07)

My mom's baking during the holidays...she made these on a random Tuesday in August..so I can have them any time..sadly..but during the holidays, she makes abundance..maybe you will get some with our Christmas card!

Halloween is fun!

Fall TV! I love so many shows on the fall, I can't show you visually, I'll do a few then list some!
Love One Tree Hill - Brent and I have watched since it first began. LOVE Sophia Bush!

Gossip Girl is addicting and good

I've slacked from Grey's before but last season I loved it all over again

We've not always had HBO, but we do now..We are caught up with Entourage. It's good!

I also love..
Law & Order: SVU
Without a Trace
CSI: Miami
America's Next Top Model
Lipstick Jungle
Ghost Whisperer
Big Love
Jon & Kate Plus 8
The Hills
Samantha Who?
Dirty Sexy Money
Brothers and Sisters
New Adventures of Old Christine
True Life

Ones I'll be interested to decide on...
The Ex List
Gary Unmarried
Kath and Kim

I liked Private Practice but lost track of it.
I liked Cashmere Mafia but it got canceled

SCARY huh! If I'm as busy as I was last fall, you will find me watching all these every Sunday! It's actually very fun. After all, I can't miss the fair! Luckily, my husband gave in a long time ago and decided if would just be best to like the shows I did. I do like watching football too!

This fall, I may actually get these...I've never had them but all the sudden I think I want some..everyone says they love theirs..

I've been addicted to these for many years....they are a fall winter shoe, I think they would look funny with shorts?

Well that is all for now....we got new couches and a mattress...they are AWESOME. I'll post pics soon! Until then, LOVE! ~ Megan Nicole Marshall the first

"To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else." ~Emily Dickinson

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