Starting the blog again...

Hello all :)

I'm starting my blog...again! This time I will be good at it. I won't wait too long for each post!

Summer is almost over...hopefully. I'm sick of being hot! Since I'm outside quite a bit with work, it makes for very warm days. I like to work in hospitals so I can spend longer periods of time in doors!

I love fall. I love football. I love the Razorbacks. I love sweatshirts. I love clear skin. I love HOLIDAYS most of all. I LOVE them. This will more than likely be the last fall (for a while anyways) in which we try to attend most of the Razorback football games. The past few years we've been super busy with football games, weddings, wedding parties, etc. So next year we are hoping to relax more! However, this coming December we will be going to NYC! Finally a Christmas holiday I get to see the city! I've been so many times and never seen the tree. I cannot wait!

My parents are in town right now. My mom is retired and does nothing but bake. She brought the largest container of cinnamon rolls I've ever seen. Once I upload the picture, you will all see! I'm trying to convince her to open a bakery at the little shopping center going up by our neighborhood. My dad retires in Jan of this next year...so, just a few months away! I think they will probably move here within a year of that (or at least I hope!).

So, today while I was in Dillard's (in the men's clothing), I asked a female associate where the kids clothing was (I have several baby showers to attend). She replied by saying on the 3rd floor. She said "oh, it will be great because as soon as you get off the escalator, your cute little self will see the junior clothing and you will find some great things there..." Oh okay, great, is the kids clothing close? She then lets me know the kids clothing is just past the juniors. First of all, I'm not a junior. I know I'm short but I'm almost 25 years old. Sure I might walk by the "junior" section and something MIGHT catch my eye...but I don't look like a junior! I had on a work suite! A WOMEN's suite..

Today is Thursday. I'm having a garage sale on Saturday morning. I should be getting ready. I don't like that part of preparing...pricing things! I do like to get rid of the things I don't need. So, if you know where I live, please come! We are planning to get a new king mattress tomorrow so we will have our old one for sale. We will also have a ton of clothes, washer/dryer, etc..

Well this was fun..perhaps I'll post a few pics I like from the past.. ohh four months! Sweet dreams! XOXO (yes, I do love gossip girl, maybe THAT makes me a "junior"..? NO) - LOVE megan

"..But there are some things i know for certain: always throw spilt salt over your left shoulder, keep rosemary by your garden gate, plant lavender for luck, and fall in love whenever you can." - Practical Magic

Brent & myself in OKC

Mentzelympics in OKC!

In Fayetteville ~ Virginia Ann, Natalie, Lauren, Conway, Me & Sheridan

Brent & I at his 27th birthday dinner

Brent's 27th birthday party

At an open house for Jen's store

Edi, Christian, Me & Ashley when Ash came to visit from LA

Brent with baby Taylor, who is getting big!

Jessica & baby Lucy with me @ Kyle's Birthday party

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