I've been busy!

Hi all :) So here I am again! Wishing and hoping that I will get better at my blog! I'm really going to make an effort! I love reading everyone elses too! My friend Whitney started a photography blog and I've put then link to the left. She is just starting out with her photography, so check her out!

Brent and I are staying busy as always! Still lots of weddings and parties...which we are still enjoying! We've not had to travel too much lately...far distances anyways...mostly to Fayetteville and OKC. It is nice having friends that live close! We also enjoy when people come to visit us!

My dad had to spend some time in the hospital this past week. He was diagnosed with COPD. He will be taking some steps to help and maintain it. So we shall keep him in our prayers!

We have some friends moving to China. Emily, Jason & their little boy Jack are leaving in less than two weeks! We helped host a going away party and had dinner with them in the past week. They will only be gone a few years then will hopefully move back to Tulsa!

This weekend we didn't do too much. Friday night we went to dinner with Brent's parents and Saturday night we went to a shower at El Gaupo for our friends Jessica and Blake who are getting married in May! It was a lot of fun.

On Thursday Brent and I will go to Fayetteville. Dinner for Allison's birthday Thursday night then an engagement party for Micah and Spencer on Friday night. We will head back to Tulsa on Saturday for a reception on Saturday night. We didn't make it to our friends, Mitch & Kylie's wedding in California. Luckily, they are having a reception here!

I never wear jeans that much simply bc I don't find them that comfortable....but as I sit here..I really wish I had some on and I need new ones. I can't wear jeans for another week or so bc I have stitches on my hip. Doctors are still trying to figure out this mystery rash I've had since september. It has been all over my legs, tummy, shoulders, back & in my hair! Talk about PAIN in the BUTT!

Well I better get going..hopefully I'll return soon! I'll post some pics below from the last few weeks :) love ~ Megan

"Love life, engage in it. Give it all you've got..." -Maya Angelou

In OKC for Katie's Birthday

Tatum on Easter Sunday

Taylor on Easter

Me & Brent on Easter

Emily & I @ Los Cabos 2 weeks before she moves to china!

Brent and I @ Blake & Jessica's Party

Kristen & I loved the flowers!

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