NYC Day #3

These are pictures from our third day in NYC on a Saturday…Enjoy!

This is before we went into the city

Brent HAD to have a Papaya King hot dog because they always talk about it on Seinfield. It was pretty good!

This is me @ Corner Cafe in SoHo I think…very cute and yummie..lots of NYC websites with it but not one of its own.

The tree!

Me & Magda in Rockefeller Center

Me with my hat

Brent in his cute hat (we both bought hats to fight wind)

At SNL..I didn’t lean over in-time.

Magda & Felix. This was after NYC at the Royale pub..We had planned to go to the Sunburnt Cow but we arrived to late…both very good!

Felix doing a monster pose, haha.

us :)

In Penn Station – end of the night

Magda & Felix

They took our picture bc on Saturday night the train was full of SUPER drunk teenagers..we were just laughing..I borrowed some pics from Magda (Thank you!).

Very FUN day!!


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